Team Fortress 2 Action Figures Are Credit To Creator

For all Valve's expertise in the software field, the studio has always lagged behind in one crucial area: merchandise. In particular, action figures, and in particular, Team Fortress 2.

Well, Half-Life as well, but people have done that. And it's "people"—not Valve—that are behind these Team Fortress 2 figures.

Sure, they're not what I'd have chosen—the game's exaggerated art style would be better-suited to vinyl figures—but that's what's called nitpicking. These are still awesome.

Click through for the creator's (Jacob Norad's) website, which has pics of more TF2 figures, including their weapons and accessories. There's even a suite of gadgets for the engineer, like a sentry gun and dispenser.

[TF2 @ The Vortex, via Offworld]


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