Tearing The PSPgo To Pieces, Just To See What Its Insides Look Like

Hardware destruction specialists iFixit are at it again. Fresh off tearing the PS3 Slim to pieces, they've now taken a screwdriver and a thirst for blood to the PSPgo, with surprisingly interesting results.

Because unlike your average teardown, which just looks pretty, the PSPgo teardown has revealed a strange design decision on the part of Sony: the PSPgo's battery is stuck behind a piece of "void if removed" tape. iFixit reckon you can get it out if you're careful, but still, weird move.

Plenty more gore porn at the link below.

Sony PSP Go Teardown [iFixit]


    The battery isn't a "weird move"; you could use the battery in previous model PSPs to help crack the firmware.

      There was even a story on it right here at Kotaku:

      Although seeing this strip down, it appears that the $ony designers were living in some fantasy world if they really think a label with a warning on it will stop anyone wanting to try a similar move with the PSPgo. That battery looks eminently removable to me.

      exactly what i thought. By doing this, they pre-empt hackers using a battery to hack the PSP-GO and you void your warranty if you try. Its a smart move by sony to plan ahead of hackers. Wont stop them, but will deter some.

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