Tekken 6 Character Customisation

Yesterday we took a look at the Scenario Campaign mode in Tekken 6. Today, it's all about the character customisation.

This is the feature I will spend the most time in when I play Tekken 6. More time than even fighting, which is arguably the main focus of the game. I'll be the fairy pixie girl getting her arse handed to her in every round.


    Based on that first screenshot, different bodyparts give different advantages? I don't like that, it means you can't just customise how you want it. All the hardcore players will use the same 'power gaming' outfits and it'll be totally lame.

      My guess is those stats will only affect the brawler mode, it would be a pretty poor move to make that affect actual multiplayer games since anybody who's unlocked more stuff will have a fairly immediate advantage.

        I expect it will be handled the same way as Soul Calibur IV, where they will have two separate versus modes; One where equipment alters your stats, and the other where it's purely cosmetic.

    YAY! Tekken 6! God DOES loves me!

    I just don't understand how the same company who made Soul Calibur 4, still one of the most graphically impressive games out there is responsible for this game that barely looks like an up-rezzed version of Tekken 5.

    I mean what the hell namco, did all your good employees quit post sc4?

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