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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Stuff like how full is your hard drive?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interesting in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know fucktons about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question…

How big's your hard drive? How mcuh storage space do you really need on your console? And are you happy with the existing storage options?

Me? My 60GB PS3 is about half full, thanks to a mix of installs and PSN games. I've never had to clear space off it. My 360 has a 120GB hard drive, after I got fed up with constantly deleting and redownloading XBLA games and DLC to squeeze onto my original 20GB drive. Now it's around three-quarters full, but only because I can afford the luxury of installing all the games I'm currently playing. My Wii? Er... I've bought maybe 3-4 titles from the WiiWare and Virtual Console stores, so I'm nowhere near filling the 8GB card I bought with the console.


    Got an Elite. About half full at the moment, not from game installs, just hundreds of clips. I work for a game retailer and like to have an idea of whats coming out, even if its something I have no real interest in, so I tend to download a LOT.

    Last week, my 20gb 360 hard-drive was splitting at the proverbial seams as my demos and videos got thrown out to make room for yet another map pack or two.

    But now! My brand new 120gb 360 hard drive has more than enough room for everything and I have re-downloaded all the videos and demos I had to previosly delete, jsut because I can.

    I have also installed a heap of my games to the hard drive but am yet to notice any difference in gameplay. Still.. I can do it and have deca-gigs remaining! muhaha!

    As for my 80gb PS3, I don't think enough interesting content even exists for PS3 for me to worry about filling it up anytime soon.

      What did you pay and did the transfer work well?

        I paid $200 at EB in Brisbane. I noted they also had a pre-owned 120gb hard drive for $149.

        I was really nervous about using the transfer cable, but it was really straightforward and simple. Just plugged it up as per the instructions, stuck in the cd, clicked 'ok' and 1.5 hours later, all my games, saved files, everything were on the new hard drive. Turning the 360 back on was just like it was with the old hdd, but with a load more free space :).

        My understanding is that the hard drives themselves aren't region protected, but the transfer software is. So if you find a cheaper hdd online without a transfer cable, I do not need mind anymore :)

    My 40 gig Ps3 is about 75% full, I’m really glad the trend in games seems to be towards smaller and smaller mandatory installs on games

    The HDD in my PS3 is 2.5" big. Not really that funny I know. I have a 120Gb, but it is hardly used save for a few dozen demos and DLC. I thought it would be good for storing movies, but I just stream them from my media server instead.

    120 Gig Pro - 1/2 Full
    40 Gig PS3 - 90% Full

    My DSi (Japanese)is full though, not really a HDD though haha

    I have a very old xbox with a 20gig HD. Suffice to say, it's definitely not enough. With the 'new xbox experience' taking up most of the space, and my handful of XBL titles, i can afford to HD install a SINGLE game (which is SF IV atm).

    I'd really like to get a bigger hd, but flat out refuse to pay the gouged prices microsoft offers us ($110 for a 120gig HD? Please. I can buy a 1tb hd for that on PC -_-)

    I have my wii hooked up to an old 120gig external (with the homebrew HD mod). It's fantastic, and much better than shelling out hundreds of dollars for a decent sized SD card, which i can't even install games onto...

    On my PC i have about 3tb... and it's not enough!!!

    My Xbox 360 has a 20Gb hard drive which is almost full of XBLA games and Saved Games. I keep having to delete movies if I want to download more. I'm thinking of upgrading to a larger hard drive, but the cost is ridiculous for the product given when compared to your conventional hard drives (which is exactly what is in an Xbox hard drive)

    60 gig ps3 is pretty full of game installs, prob 75%. I dont take them off cos if i want to play them again at somepoint I need to wait for 5 minutes while it installs. Couple of demos but Ill delete them.

    XBox 360 20gb is half full. Has only got an install of Farcry 2 on the hdd. See its an NTSC copy and it freezes on my pal unit but when installed, it doesnt freeze :)

    172/287GB on my PC, mostly becuase I have saves for about every five minutes of game play for every game. But I have a portable 250G hard drive in reserve which I use to backup my files at the moment.

    I have a 500GB drive in my PS3 which has about 350GB of free space on it, though I haven't copied any of my music over yet because I've been lazy.

    I've got the 120Gb with the Elite, I haven't had to worry about clearing anything off it yet, think I've got about 30Gb free. I love being able to install games to the HDD to shut up the noisy CD Drive.
    Glad I don't have the 20Gb with Forza 3 on the way, and with it being on 2 disks!

    I just finished installing a 250GB HDD into my PS3 (previously 60GB), restored a a backup and was instantly back in the action.

    I had planned on updating my Xbox 20GB HDD to a 120GB HDD however due to the ambiguity of what a MS Transfer kit actually transfers and Live content is connected to the consol ID and not my GameTag (meaning I can only play Arcade games if online), and I dont want to spend the $$$ on a HDD upgrade only for my 3yo 360 to RROD shortly afterwoods, I've decided to make do with the 20GB and delete what I'm not using...

    I have 300 gigs in my PS3 of which just over 100 are used. I don't foresee the need for me to be deleting anything in the near future, if at all.

    Obviously without the PS3 having an easily upgradeable hard drive I wouldn't be happy with what is on the market. Thankfully with that option available I opted for a nice big one to replace the 40 that came in there as it was filling up rather quickly.

    The 40GB HDD in my PS3 got swapped out for a 320GB quite early on. I think it's got 170GB free?

    What's that, a bit less than half full?

      I'd say half empty...

    haha bit upset with the post..

    I only got a 20G harddrive with my xbox 360... but its packed with arcade games and add-ons... only got 1G-ish left... stupid big Burnout Paradise add ons!!!

    And if this is a emotional investment then I shall share....

    I just got back froma pub lunch..... gotta love fridays!! =]

    From the 600gb, I have about 260 left.

    I'd say thats better than average :)

      I meant 500gb. ...Naughty fingers

    20gb and 60gb 360s, the 20gb is almost full and the 60gb is fairly close to full just because I've copied most of the games I have for that region to the HDD so that the thing doesn't sound like it's about to commence taxing down the runway at any moment.

    Upgraded my 40gb PS3 to 160gb not long after I got it. In retrospect, it wasn't really necessary. It ends up being relegated to secondary machine for me most of the time, so I simply haven't had time to fill it with junk yet.

    My PS2's 10gb HDD is full of hacked JRPG ISOs (all of which are games I own, mind you). Reduces wear on the DVD drive and lets me fiddle with undubs and whatnot.

    Running out of space on my PC, about 50-60gb / 2tb left. Looking at picking up a 1.5tb external and moving some of my crap onto there to free up space again. At least that way I can just copy the contents of my existing drives as-is without having to actually sort through the piles of junk I've accumulated.

    However the content saved on my Wii barely scratches the sides of the built-in storage, let alone the 2gb SD card in it (Homebrew Channel for Gecko OS for playing imports)

    My PSP's memory stick is routinely full, and I have all my DS games dumped as ROMs on a single micro-SD, too (CycloDS, so I can leave my games at home and still have them all with me without having to change cartridges all the time). Fair amount of space left on that I think

    1TB + 128gb SSD

    I filled a 40gb PS3. I then upgraded, I only wanted a 120gb HDD to upgrade too, but they only had a 320gb in stock.

    So now my ps3 has a 320gb HDD, with only about 50 or so being taken up. I better start downloading/uploading music and movies to it.

    I recently upgraded my 20GB Xbox HDD with a 120GB one. I picked it up at JB's for $159. The transfer occurred without a hitch.

    PS3 - 250GB with about 70GB left, I have a stack of music on it though, so when that finally gets lower, will look at going larger eventually...

    360 - 20GB, nothing much on it, but with most of my time with the PS3, can't see me really stacking alot of stuff on it, probably will upgrade the HDD in the future if the price is right, mainly to dump installed games on it...

    Wii - About 12 VC Games, and nothing much more, just game saves... no need to update anytime soon...

    60GB PS3 - 80% filled with installs, PSN games, music, vids, pictures.
    When it gets full I might upgrade to like 120 or 320gb, or just delete all my music and vids. But I'm still happy with the 60.

    I've got 250Gb in my PS3, currently about 50% full.

    Thinking I might go to 500Gb if Sony ever actually f***ing release PlayTV in Australia.

    I have a 20GB old Xbox Pro. It has a couple of installed arcade titles and a few albums and is 3/4 full. I have 8 GB of music I could never put on there. I have a 750GB hard drive I keep filling so I move stuff onto a 1TB external hard drive that is about a quarter full so far. Most of that is movies that I would never be able to fit onto my xbox hard drive. I know a friend whom has a PS3 and so many games that have installed onto the hard drive he can't fit any of his music on it. I'm really not happy, but I dont want to shell out hundreds of dollars for a bigger hard drive. Especially when I'm not sure if I will be able to easily migrate my profile over, I'd probably have to buy a memory card just for that. Then there's the problem of downloaded content. I know if you put downloaded content from one xbox onto another, you have to be on xbox live to prove it is you to play it, otherwise you might just be trying to pirate it to someone else. Lost all my Castle Crashers saves that way.

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