The Beatles: Rock Band Supply Problems? [UPDATED]

We're hearing plenty of reports from readers unable to purchase The Beatles: Rock Band as it goes on sale around Australia today.

It appears that EA and MTV Games have been hamstrung by a very limited supply to retail. We've heard that many stores are already out of stock, unsurprising since we've also heard that individual stores were receiving quantities in the very low single digits. Some, apparently, were lucky to receive even one copy. UPDATE: We've heard that a mere 4000 units of the full instrument bundle were brought into the country for launch. It seems the Wii version occupied the greatest share, so if you want it on 360 or PS3... good luck!

If you've been out trying to buy the Beatles today, let us know what your experience has been like in the comments below.


    Got mine (game-only version) this morning without problems from Game, Canberra City. Not even preordered.

    Luckily I had mine pre-ordered. I got the one and only PS3 bundle at JB Kedron (according to the over-enthusiastic sales guy...) But I saw at least 4 x 360 bundles when I walked in.


    I work for GAME @ Eastgardens in Sydney. We still have 4 Wii full bundles left, 1 Xbox Full Version. Plenty of stand alone games.

      What a coincidence, I just bought a copy from you earlier today... we've got a few copies for all systems down at Target, but we hadn't received the remastered CDs. Who knows?

    It's EA and it's Rock Band. They've now made it 0/3 successful launches for it.

    Limited Supply on EA's end? Maybe that would fly for the instruments but not for the game itself.

    I'm gonna be pissed if i can't get one after I finish work today. Goddamn work.

    Just got mine from jb in the City. I pre ordered yesterday just in case lol

      Great, I'll just pop in to 'the City' and pick one up too =P

      Just picked up my pre-order from JB TGV. They had to pull one off the shelf because they couldn't find any PS3 pre-orders left...

    Seems some stores haven't even unboxed their supplies!

    An EB Games store in Melbourne said they haven't been told they can put them on the shelves yet...

    If I was a cynic, I might suggest EB are waiting so they can get away with not having to price match other stores...

    and.... thats why people need to pre-order the god damn game! whats really $20 bucks down at JB's? here's to me playing the full RB:B boxset tonight.

      Meh, preordering did me no good - had a pre order through JB online and they sent me an email a couple of hours ago saying that they don't have enough stock to send my copy but they might be getting more on 18 September.

    Lucky some Game stores got theirs *grumble* they didn't send us ps3 instrument packs (which we had preorders for), and only what was preordered for 360 up here. And yes, we have a few non preordered wii bundles available, WTF?

    Just popped down to JB Hi-Fi in Sydney City (TGV) and they had about 6 full bundles for Wii and about 4 for Xbox I think (wasn't paying too much attention). No PS3 ones though.

    Yep, I bought mine (XBox) on Lonsdale street JB in Melbourne at lunch today. They don't have the full kit by the looks of it yet, but they had 6 discs on the shelf when I got mine (now 5).

    Nice to see they are continuing to treat our region like crap.

    I wonder if we'll ever see Rock Band 2?

      It's certainly annoying. I finally bit the bullet and just ordered RB2 from the UK (should be arriving this week).

        Yeah I did that when it first came out, never looked back.

        Rock Band 2 is definitely my favourite of all music games.

        Well in my opinion, if they can't get the game to us and treat us like humans, they don't deserve my money. So I'm refusing to import.

    Picked a 360 bundle up @ JB at TGV this morning first thing. Sales guy mentioned that they wouldn't last into this afternoon and wouldn't hold one for me until the end of the day to pick it up after work ><

    Carting it around the city 4tl

    I preodered the game (alone) for Wii and got it yesterday because I serve the local EB manager coffee every morning ;)

    Ive had mine since monday from game at toombul. Had mine preordered. also saw dick smith at chermside had them as well on monday. i love this game.

    So the new drums are the wireless ones from Rock Band 2 right? Couldnt find any copies in Surfers Paradise today - Game and EB. :-(

    Dick Smith @ Northlakes QLD has full instrument bundles - and one on display to play with :)

    Big W @ Northlakes has plenty of copies but can't release because of some barcoding stuffup? Has anyone been able to get one from Big W?

    Got mine about 1pm from JB HiFi Miranda for the Wii. Great game so far, albeit a bit easy. Although it's extremely fun singing, and I've found the bass charts to be far more enjoyable than the rhythm guitar itself.

    @ Hornsby...

    EB - Didn't see it on the shelves...
    JB - Had about 3-4 Full kits on each platform sitting on the floor... Standalone, didn't see any...

    I walked into my local Target store at lunch time scanned the shelf, saw about 5 for Wii, 5 for 360 and 5 for PS3. Grabbed my PS3 copy and left.
    This is the game only version, I wasn't looking for the bundle.

    If you're in Adelaide, I noticed JB at Marion had a bunch of 360/Wii bundles.

    I went to two kmarts in Melbourne, both only had the disc for sale, and the manager at a nearby EB checked his computer and told me the Wii Bundle was listed on the system as 'Discontinued' - which he said was strange...

    To anyone who bought the Limited Edition, does anyone have a missing piece? I'm missing the top part of my mic stand. =\

      Try shaking the box the mic came in, I thought I was missing my top bit too. It fell out of the box with a little shake, along with a clip to hold the mic lead in place.

        Do you mean the actual mic or the mic stand?

          Any luck with the mic stand top? Mine was missing too and I am having dramas getting JB to come to the party still!

    Glad I preordered. Picking up my copy from JB tonight.

    And incidentally I will probably never preorder from JB again. What an absolutely hamfisted system they have.

      I grabbed the last bundle (360) from my local JB, and while I was picking it up there was another guy also looking for a 360 bundle, talking to one of the other sales staff. I got the impression that they filled preorders and may not have even had enough copies to put out for sale at all.

      I bet EA weren't expecting the game to sell, because Rock Band didn't. Completely ignoring the fact that RB launched here at the same time as GH4, and everyone knew that the bundles were the old crappy instruments they weren't able to flog to US and UK customers. Honestly the only reason I got the Beatles bundle was for a replacement drum set, though as it turns out the bass is fairly nice too.

      EA have seriously understimated what the demand is going to be and have probably sabotaged sales of the game in Australia completely. It's wierd, it's like they actually secretly don't want to compete with Activision at all. Guitar Hero 5 is going to outsell this 5:1 despite being the fourth tired rehash of the exact same game this year. :(

    Game Rockingham has two of each of the instrument bundles. Sold out of Wii stand alone copies but still got two of each for ps3 and 360. Haven't checked JB or EB yet.

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