The Disney Marvel Team-Ups We'd Like To See

Now that Disney will soon be the parent company of Marvel Entertainment, we can begin brainstorming the ultimate video game crossovers between the House of Ideas and the Magic Kingdom.

Marvel Kingdom Hearts

Yeah, this one is easy. So easy that Kotakuite Goldenhearted already had the image above created before I even saved this article in my text editor. If Disney characters plus Final Fantasy character equals an awesome video game, just imagine what would happen if you thrown in Wolverine and Spider-Man - total freaking chaos. Realistically speaking, this is not a good idea for a game. This is, 'Oh, we have access to new characters, let's throw them in here.' Still, makes for a rather lovely mocked-up screenshot.

Marvel VS. Disney

Whenever you have two diverse sets of beloved characters, your first instinct is to throw them into a fighting arena and watch them kill each other. It's a universal truth, in effect ever since ancient Romans found themselves with a surplus of both lions and Christians. This is probably a title that will have to reside only in our collective imagination, as I cannot see Disney allowing anyone to create a game that involves punching Mickey Mous It's probably much better off in our heads anyway.

Marvel Disney WHAT IF... Downloadable Games Owen was actually teasing me earlier with instant messages suggesting new stories for Marvel's WHAT IF... series of alternative reality comics, but after the first few it struck me as an extremely good idea...and not just from a Disney standpoint. Marvel's WHAT IF... series would make for an amazing downloadable game franchise. Add in Mickey and friends, and you've got pure gold. Here are a few of Owen's ideas:

WHAT IF ... Hannah Montana joined The Defenders? WHAT IF ... Howard the Duck and Donald Duck Joined Forces? WHAT IF ... Daredevil was trained by Darkwing Duck instead of Stick?

We could do this for hours. Days even.


Disney Characters Dressed as Marvel Superheroes in Let's Make a Billion Dollars Adventure Who needs the adorably super-deformed Marvel Super Hero Squad, when you can have Mickey Mouse dressed as Wolverine? You could take this concept, throw any old game around it, and sell millions of copy. Marvel Disney Heroes Kart Racing? Sold. Marvel Disney Heroes Table Tennis? I'll buy two copies. Donald Duck just stands around looking vaguely like Bruce Banner? Game of the Year. image

Ice Man / Walt Disney Marvel Team-Up

The rumours were true! Walt Disney World is incased in an icy prison, and it's up to X-Men founding member Iceman and the cryogenically-mutated Walt Disney to take down the evil forces of...does it really matter what evil forces they are fighting? Bobby Drake and Walt could pretty much kick anyone's arse, so feel free to insert your own evil force into the blank space there. Try to make it something hot, so we can make full use of the fire/ice puns at Disney's disposal.

You've probably gotten the idea by now, and that last one was a stretch of both the imagination and the boundaries of good taste, so we're going to turn this show over to you. When you wish upon a star, which Marvel/Disney crossover games do secretly yearn for?

Top image by Khary Randolph


    This is going to do wonders for the next Ultimate Alliance. Beagle Boys breaking into Scrooge's Money Bin? Sounds like a job for Weapon X.

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