The God Of War Collection Collects GoW III Demo

As if re-mastered versions of God of War I & II on a Blu-ray disc for the PlayStation 3 weren't enough, Sony sweetens the God of War Collection with a God of War III demo.

At this point you've read about everyone and their brother getting some hands-on time with the E3 2009, Comic-Con, and PAX God of War III demo. Isn't it about time you got to take Kratos out for a spin yourself? Each copy of the God of War Collection, due out this November, will come packed with a voucher allowing players to download and experience the third game in the series well in advance of its March 2010 release date.

If you don't pick up the collection now that the demo is included, you're just a heartless person who wants to see Kratos cry.

God of War III E3 2009 Demo Included in God of War Collection [PlayStation Blog]


    Is this coming out in Australia or is it just an America only thing? That'd suck! But due to no region-locking we can just import it! PS3 is the best!

      i think they said that its coming out in aus, but in january

        Sony has yet to confirm an Australian release.

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