The King Of Fighters XII Patched Up For PS3

A patch, a patch, The King of Fighters XII has gotten a new online patch for the PS3 version.

The patch fixes in-game issues such as buggy character combos and optimises online matches. This update fundamentally changes the way game data is processed and synchronised during online matches, placing greater importance on the game's response time and allowing for much smoother play," states SNK Playmore.

"It also prevents the player from experiencing slowdown during an online match when connections are less than optimal."

Other issues that are rectified include the in-game antenna icon displayed during online battles and chat capability restrictions.

An update for the Xbox 360 version will be available "very soon".


    i'm curious, how well has KoFXII sold in Aus so far?

      It hasn't been officially released in Australia yet. My guess is that it probably won't do great here. It's not Street Fighter or Tekken, which hurts its chances in a country as small as us, and it's coming out around the same time as so many other AAA titles are.

      And from a fighting game fan's standpoint, the lack of worthwhile game modes, certain major characters missing from the roster, and horrible net code, I can't justify purchasing it personally, despite me wanting to support any decent fighting games we get. However, I would love to be proved wrong.

      its not even on sale yet approx delayed by 2months from inital us and jp relase, anyways its cheaper to import

    bleh, were always last

    yeah in when's it gonna update the aussie server. Its a good game though. Impressed with graphics and all.

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