The Lusty Screenshots Of Dante's Inferno

EA is bringing the opening of the Italian epic The Divine Comedy to life, complete with its game vision of hell and enemies spawning out of boss enemy breasts. According to the game's developer, it's the most original enemy re-spawn of next year.

Here's a first peek at the Lust level of Dante's hell. Beware: it's, well, lusty and possibly NSFW. Cross-platform title Dante's Inferno is out February 2010.


    hehe... boobies are fun :)

    Could be much worse, have you seen the boss fight at the end of House of the Dead Overkill.

    Is this even lit? These screens look baaaaaad.

    having said that im looking forward to this, hope its good.

    I might play this game if the developers made all nice circles of hell different and unique. Otherwise, another GoW ripoff, only using Christian themes instead of Greek mythos.

    So what's the betting on this making it through censorship?

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