The Total Total War Collection, Like Totally

total war anthologySEGA has announced the Total War Anthology, compiling all five Total War games to date, plus some bonus content for the upcoming Napoleon: Total War. It's also exclusive to Australia and New Zealand.

In one "collectible box set" (pictured) the Anthology includes the gold editions of Total Wars: * Shogun * Medieval * Medieval II * Rome * Empire (Note: this one is the Special Forces edition, not the Gold edition)

As for that bonus content for Napoleon? SEGA says it "offers exclusive Napoleon: Total War collectable artifacts including a letter from Napoleon to his generals, a map of the battle of Waterloo and six character cards." Napoleon: Total War is due out February 2010.

The best bit about all this? The price: $99.95.

The Total War Anthology goes on sale October 1, only in Australia and New Zealand.


    does that include the expansions? If so thats worth it even though already have empires!

      They are the "gold" editions, and I believe those do include the expansions.

    I would say that is about 500 hours of gameplay for $100. Not a bad deal at all!

    This is bloody awesome value. Day one release for me!

    whats the point...i own all those games individually, except for the new expansion of course

    Oh [email protected]
    I just bought Shogun & Medieval cheap on Ebay and was waiting until the price went down on Empire & it was more stable.
    What do I do now :(

    Thats all well and good. now if only i could player empires on my 64bit system like it says i should be able too, everything will be dandy.

    Good value if you don't already have a few of them that is.

    Something exclusive to Australia and NZ? seriously stop the presses. I have enver played a total war game, but this looks like good value, recommended?

    Wow! I feel like I've just been punched in the face by value! Sweet deal, and exclusive to Aus/NZ? I must have shifted into the bizzaro universe while I slept.

      Creative Assembly do have a base of operations here in Oz so maybe thats why, Fortitude Valley if i remember correctly.

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