The UK Loves PS3 Slim, Too

It's not just Japan that is going bonkers over the PS3 Slim. The United Kingdom is going bonkers, too. PS3 sales are up a whopping 999 percent.

Sales tracker ChartTrack hasn't revealed specific numbers, but told game site MCV: "The sales increase is very impressive, making the PS3 the top selling hardware in Week 36. The Xbox 360, Wii and DS Lite all sold around the same amount last week – PS3 Slim outsold each of them by a ratio of three-to-one."

ChartTrack is not certain how long this upswing in sales will last. Enjoy it while lasts, make hay and all that jazz. And hey, David Jason!

PS3 sales up 999% [MCVUK Thanks, mescalineeyes!][Pic]



      I think that deserves a golf clap...

      *clap* *clap* *clap*

    Just goes to show how many people were holding off on getting a PS3 because of the price...

    Hell I was one of them, but i'll be picking one up soon as I can lay my hands on the funds.

    Nice, very impressive. I think Sony is going to clean up this holiday season, worldwide (that includes you, America).

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