The Week In Games

Plenty of games coming out this week, but picking a highlight is a little tricky.

I eventually went with DiRT 2 because it's just really solid. It's a funny week though: a mix of the decent but not spectacular, the umpteenth iteration of a franchise and a smattering of older games finally making their way to the PC.

Personally, I probably wouldn't buy anything this week, mainly because I've already playing Red Faction: Guerrilla on 360. But would you? Are you tempted to pick anything up?

UPDATE: Turns out that the Xbox 360 and DS versions of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 are hitting stores this Wednesday, while the PS3 and Wii versions will arrive a week later.

New releases for the w/c September 14:

Colin McRae: DiRT 2 (360, PS3, PSP, Wii) What Is It? Codemasters' veteran rally driving sim gets another run out. Should You Care? Series fans should pick up either the 360 or PS3 version.

Fossil Fighters (DS) What Is It? Pokemon clone with - wait for it - dinosaurs. Should You Care? Lacks the charm and variety of its source of inspiration.

Guitar Hero 5 (360, PS3, PS2, Wii) What Is It? It's Guitar Hero - only with 5 of it. Should You Care? The new features hardly inspire, so check the tracklist carefully.

Heroes Over Europe (360, PS3) What Is It? Flight combat successor to last-gen's Heroes of the Pacific. Should You Care? Accessible airbound warfare that's actually pretty good fun.

Motorstorm: Arctic Edge (PSP) What Is It? It's Motorstorm in the snow. Should You Care? Do you need another racing game for your PSP?

NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer (Wii) What Is It? Yet another exergaming title for the Wii. Should You Care? This one has dietary advice too!

NHL 10 (360, PS3) What Is It? Some sports sim involving ice skating and a puck... what's it called? Should You Care? Curling! That's it.

Order of War (PC) What Is It? Real-time strategy published by Square Enix and developed by the guys who made Massive Assault. Remember that? Should You Care? Me neither.

Red Faction: Guerrilla (PC) What Is It? Late PC port of Volition's rather excellent third-person shooter meets destruction sandbox. Should You Care? One of the year's best games, in my view.

Resident Evil 5 (PC) What Is It? Even later PC port of Capcom's rather patchy third-person shooter meets co-operative survival horror. Should You Care? When it's good, it's great, but when it isn't...

SingStar Motown (PS3, PS2) What Is It? New songs for SingStar, only this time they're motown! Should You Care? Wait, wasn't this meant to be out last week?

Wacky World of Sports (Wii) What Is It? No idea, frankly, but it sounds like a mini-game collection. Should You Care? I repeat, it sounds like a mini-game collection.


    Console wise, not the best. BUT NHL & Dirt 2 look good.

    But it is a great week for PC really if you've been under a rock for a few months and didn't play Red Faction or RE5 on console.

    I'll give Colin McRae the EB rental and see how it holds up... I long for the day when a Rally game stays with it's roots similar to first two McRae games and not dumb it down to "Whoa, X-Games, gnarly dude!"

    Considering NHL 10, had fun with the demo, and haven't have a hockey game since NHL 98, so I'm due... maybe get all the EA Sports 10 range and then buy in every 5-10 years...

    Singstar Motown, will eventually pick this up to continue the Singstar collection, still need to get Singstar Queen also...

    Pass on GH5, I'll stick with the Rock Band franchise... Motorstorm, it's a great series but with Gran Turismo coming out in a few weeks, will be holding out for that...

      Apparently the rally bits are awesome, but the actual other 'extreme' bits suck :(

    a lot of sites and stores have updated NFS Shift to September 17th

    Can you get a update from EA dave? :)

      It's still the 24th, but don't be surprised to see it selling earlier than that.

        Just watched IGN's video review - that game is insanely pretty...

    $&#@ Yeah! Guitar Hero 5, i hope im not the only one excited /spazm.

    Dont forget MUA2 either.

      Yeah I preordered and everything lol... I never do that.
      Its release date is the 16th so Im not sure why it isnt on this list..

      Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2...*nerdgasm*

    DIRT 2 FINALLY!!!! I love it, and hate it in equal parts. I wish they would fuck off all the american bullshit they added. I mean seriously, they have a damn nascar game, circles, yeah, thats about their limit of racing depth right there.
    But then they go delay the PC release, making me more pissed off! But, damnit, I cant wait anymore, so I'll be picking up the PS3 version. I don't spose anyone knows if I get a wireless KB for my PS3 if I can drive using that? Or is it controllers only for driving and the keyboard just for typing?
    (I suck at controllers)

      You prefer using a keyboard for driving games than a controller?? That's kinda wack... :P

    Battersea power-station is now a race track?

    Was hoping for Scribblenauts on the 15th, tomorrow, but no. /cry

    EBGames AU just twittered 16th Sept for Shift Dave!

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