The Witcher 2: Debut Trailer

Here's the debut trailer—doubling as an official reveal—for The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings, sequel to 2007's boob-riddled PC RPG.

The watermarks will tell you this is for "internal use", suggesting it was "leaked", but This is meant for you.

[via jtyettis @ NeoGAF]


    Bet you it's gets RC'ed in Australia

      In that case I shall import, interestingly the US version of the original Witcher was censored but the UK version (the PAL version) was not. So as long as they make sure that any sex scenes are a reward for playing the game rather than a way to progress through the game in themselves and the same with drugs, it probably should be fine, although I'm not willing to put any money on predicting what the OFLC will do.


      I hope they get rid of the blood streaks across the screen appearing with every hit, or they are at least restricted to the 3rd person view...
      Apart from being entirely unnecessary, it breaks any immersion from me, the idea that you are viewing the entire game though a camera lens (as opposed to actually being the character)

    Here I was thinking this was gonna be just as good as the last one when they chuck in QUICK TIME EVENTS are you kidding me? They shouldn't be in any game especially not an rpg.

    duel wielding claymores??? wtf??

    also - HORRBLE voice acting and writing.

    that was just painful to watch at some points.

    plenty of shiny though....

    I never finished the first one. It was a good RPG but it had heaps of polish issues. And the voice acting made mewant to gnaw my arm off.

    Loved the first game, i felt that the witcher was what elder scrolls and fallout games should be like (not shit).

    Only problem was sometimes getting stranded without knowing what to do FTL

    Seems in the EARLY stages, so the voice acting will be re-done for our sensitive western ears. The re-done version of the first game had superb voice acting. It was kinda polished apart from the random CTD's ... every so often.

    I loved the 1st one, as said above really gave me that feeling like when I played elder scrolls 1 or balders gate series.

    I finished it through to the end and loved every minute of it, I don't get much time so finishing a game for me is quite an effort. :)

    Makes me wanna dust off the 'ole one and give it a blast again! :)

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