The World Ends With Totilo

Released last year in the US, The World Ends With You brought action role-playing to the real-world setting of Shibuya reimagined by Square-Enix.

In the game, Neku Sakuraba searches the alternate plane of Shibuya's "underground" for predatory "noise". Since we were hanging out in the fashionable Shibuya area much of today, we thought it would be fun to have Totilo reenact some of the scenes from one of his favourite games.


    One of the best games ever.
    Those photos were awesome.

      I finished playing TWEWY about a month before, out of the blue, I had a friend suggest a trip over to Japan for a fortnight. I was surprised just how much of Shibuya I recognised from that game. I think it even lead me to look at the district in a slightly different way to my mate.

    I would go to Japan just to revisit every scene from TWEWY.

    I actually used memories of playing this game to get my way around Shibuya.

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