This Alienware PC Has Motorised Racing Vents

Alienware's new Area 51 PC was unveiled this week at the Tokyo Game Show, but the press release hardly does the infinitely upgradeable computer justice.

The PC has motorised heat vents, both sides of the computer pop off, there are battery-powered lights inside and and behind the computer, and you can slap up to six hard drives in the PC, all without touching a screwdriver.


    Dear lord. Anyone who buys something that lame needs a sound beating.

    Holy moly. What a waste of time and engineering brainpower. I feel sorry for anyone that would want to buy it.

    Wow that is so well designed :| no wonder they cost so damned much its so cleverly cooled and wired..

    What do you guys have against someone designing something well? Bet if it was a console you'd love the bling, us PC gamers tend to love working with our hardware, this thing would be brilliant.

    I agree with Skarteh, this is just a sexy, pimpin' case thats great for us tuners. Nothing lame about having a great looking and individual case.

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