This Final Fantasy XIII Lady Looks Familiar...

The new Final Fantasy XIII trailer features Serah, the younger sister of heroine Lightning and girlfriend of bandanna-wearing character Snow. According to some, Serah's character design isn't new.

Her hair style, clothes and even stockings look remarkably similar to Kurumi Imari, a character in high-school witch-coven sex-and-horror erotic game Bible Black. The title was released for PCs in 2000 and later adapted into a video anime. Final Fantasy XIII will be released on the PS3 in Japan this December.

FFXIIIに世界的に有名なHENTAI GAMEのヒロインが出演している件について [はちま起稿]


    Every anime girl with pigtails is the same character now?

    Dont forget skirt and stocking wearing.

    All those japanese school girls are a walking copyright infringement.

    On one hand: blond pigtails, stockings, school uniform.
    On the other: blond pigtails, stockings, school uniform, tentacle rape.

    easy mistake.

    and now we all know Brian watches hentai.

    That is creepily interesting.

    ....why...just why did you have to bring this up :(
    Now the entire time i'm playing 13 and i see this character i'm gunna think imminent horrible black magic sex.

    Sweet two of my favourite things combined!

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