This R2 Unit Has A Bad Motivator (And Eight Consoles)

Guy by the name of Brian De Vitis put this R2-D2 together. It looks great as an astromech droid, yeah, but wait until you see what he crammed in its guts.

The shell of the droid is a modified, improved version of one of those R2-D2 coolers. But the inside consists of a projector (with video coming out of the correct "help me Obi-Wan Kenobi" hole), along with eight video game consoles. Eight. The pic is a blurry, but we can make out Dreamcast, N64, SNES, PlayStation, Genesis, NES and... yeah, maybe an Xbox and an old Atari as well.

Custom R2-D2 Video Game Console [TheForce & Popular Science, via Gizmodo AU]


    Too cool for words

    i couldn't really be bothered to send an email so sorry but if you load up left 4 dead it'll say theres an update, take the update then, firstly check your achievements through the main menu1)it'll say you have none2) itll say theres 60 3)down the bottom itll still say 50. then check them through the dashboard-everything will be in order. But to unlock the achievements through the game achievement menu you only have to do things once; for example for zombie genocidist if you allready got the achievement you only have 2 kill 1 zombie

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