This Time, The Teletubbies Are The Zombies

Wanna see a horde of burning Teletubbies? Wanna hear them coo "la-la!" while their limbs are blown off? Would you relish seeing a dozen waddle over to a pipe bomb, then vanish in a red mist? Damn right, you do.

This is yet another masterpiece put together by L4DMods — with credit to modder flameknight7. All of the common infected have been replaced with the characters from the hair-rendingly infantile children's television series, just begging you to take out all that pent-up aggression.

Love the level-end sound. "Where have the Teletubbies gone?" Straight back to the bloody pus-covered maw of hell that spawned them, lady. Courtesy of Zoe.

Left 4 Teletubbies: Even the Teletubbies Have Been Infected [L4DMods]


    Die you custard eating bastards

    Is this the most epic mod ever? I say yes.

    Seeing the tubbies with blood dripping from their mouths is very creepy though.

      LOL its totally awesome!

      But not epic, i don't find L4D to be anywhere near the borderline of epic. But it's a good game nonetheless.

    dear oflc,

    L4D2 could have been worse. See attached teletubbies mod.

    best regards,

    zombiekillers au

    Man this is awesome. Id start to play this game all over again if they released it:P

    That was soooooooooooo scary!

    Ahahahaha, I've hated those little bastards since i was a kid, seeing that clip was thoroughly entertaining.

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