Tim Langdell Resigns From IGDA Board

Tim Langdell Resigns From IGDA Board

Tim Langdell, the CEO of EDGE Games, which has been at the heart of many controversies regarding trademark rights to the word “Edge” in video gaming, has stepped down from the board of directors of the International Game Developers Association.

The IGDA announced Langdell’s resignation in a brief statement this morning. No reason was given. An IGDA spokesman declined to make any further comment. A call and email have been sent to IGDA Executive Director Joshua Caulfield, and an email has been sent to Langdell. Comments from either will be updated here.

Late last week, the IGDA announced that a special meeting of the membership – essentially an online vote – would be held Oct. 3, the sole purpose of which was to vote on whether Langdell should be removed. Langdell had served on the board since March 1. His resignation effectively cancels that meeting.

Langdell, who founded EDGE Games in 1979, is widely known for the aggressive defence of his long held trademark to the word “Edge” in video gaming. His latest dispute is with Mobigame, which released the iPhone/iPod Touch game EDGE in April. Their public fight has provoked heated commentary and accusations of bad faith dealings on both sides. Langdell himself has become more vocal of late, publishing a lengthy defence of his company and engaging in debates with members on the IGDA forums. The effort to remove him from the IGDA’s board was begun back in July.

At the heart of Langdell’s controversial public persona is the perception that his and EDGE’s primary activity is litigation rather than actual development. Langdell claims EDGE has published more than 700 games, but an analysis, quoted by Eurogamer pegged the figure at 70, the most recent in 1990. EDGE’s site does say it is working on four multiplatform titles at the moment.


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