Tokyo Game Shop Manager On Problems With PS3 Slim Launch

Kazuyuki Inakoshi, manager of Akihabara's Messe Sanoh, doesn't pull any punches in his column about the recent PS3 Slim launch. In short: The launch could have been smoother.

"If you are talking about the basic demand for the newly designed PS3, it seemed so-so," Inakoshi blogs. There was no line in front of his landmark Akihabara shop, he writes, and the first customer on that day did not buy a PS3 Slim, but a copy of Konami DS dating sim title Love Plus.

Inakoshi pegs three things as the problem: "Lack of preparation, lack of recognition and a weekday launch". The ad campaign didn't seem to help, either — Inakoshi calls it "creepy".

The shop did sell out of the PS3 Slim stand; however, that seems to be because Sony did not provide enough product. The one good thing Sony Computer Entertainment did? The company was able to help Messe Sanoh set up a demo kiosk of the new Gundam Senki title, which appears to help the shop sell through all copies of the game as well as the PS3 Slim Gundam bundle.

第33回:新型プレイステーション3発売。 - 『メッセサンオー稲越のテレビゲームの売りかた』 [Famitsu]


    Well if that Japanese guy in the blue checkered shirt could attend every single launch line in Tokyo, how wasn't it smooth?

    If you don't know what I'm talking about search up PS3 slim in kotaku and find older articles.

      Well IMO, that proves that Sony didn't create enough hype about the launch and didn't advertise it enough so there wasn't a mad rush of people out there buying them when the stores opened, which allowed the shirt guy to get to all the places and buy as many ps3's as he wanted. Seems to be a common tread with Sony

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