Tokyo's Video Game Toys And Final Fantasy Jewellery, Of Course

The Tokyo Game Show hasn't started here in Japan yet, so half of your Kotaku team has been left with time to visit toy stores. We found a horde of video game toys and at least one other curious thing.

All photos from Kiddy Land, a toy store in Tokyo's Harajuku district.


    If only they had stored like that here. the only BIG store in Melbourne is Minotaur. And thats more anime than anything else:(

    *starts looking through the pictures*

    Oh, Kirbys and Chocobos and Toon Link and even cute widdle Street Fighters... so awesome.

    *sees last picture*


    Obligatory headless porn-dolls? Kid friendly i guess? O.o

    I was totally thinking "Don't we have that in Minotaur, in Melbourne..." Then i realised the prices where in Yen, not Dollars.

    Also, we lack plushie chocobo-mage goodness.

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