Toys R Us Ad Points To $US199 Wii Price Drop This Month

Last week, we got a peek at an alleged upcoming Walmart ad that indicated an official price drop would be coming to the Wii. Today, it appears that retailer Toys R Us may have heard the same thing.

While the Walmart listing we saw didn't put a price tag on the Wii—currently still at its launch price of $US249—the Toys R Us version does, pegging the new MSRP at $US199. And that's with Wii Sports included, not a stripped down package. The ad is purportedly from the end of September, due to hit the week of the 27th according to the tipster that forwarded a shot our way.

If accurate, that would mean a price drop announcement from Nintendo sometime within the next two weeks, possibly during the Tokyo Game Show. Nintendo won't be exhibiting officially at the yearly game show, but will be present at the Kyoto Cross Media Experience 2009.

We contacted Nintendo to get clarification, but were told "Nintendo does not comment on rumours and speculation." And they don't comment on blurry shots of Toys R Us circulars either!


    If its cut to $199 in america it will be about $299 here in AUS. This mean second hand units from EB games & cashies will go down to $200 and possibly $150 by mid next year as they are already only $250 at some places.

    With the PS3 slim and all these price drops, me thinks the next generation of (atleast one of the new) consoles is only a year or two away from being shown at E3.

      The Wii will never and its easy to have known this since its launch, have that many price drops in its lifetime.

      It has always been cheap. ANd nintendo never lost that much money per console as MS & SONY were to begin with. They quickly made profits from it & the amount from software, accessories & publishing and all that added up. They didn't need a price drop.

      If this goes as planned. It will stay for a long time yet. I reckon Nintendo may be first to jump the shark to a new console. I don't know why. Sony will be last i predict, which would be a bad decision. I know the Wii the PS2 of this generation and if repeating, NINTENDO should be last to announce. I believe for some reason, hard to explain they will do it first and MS very quickly second.

      But not two years. I know MS & Sony have stated 10 year cycles. Nintendo from what i know haven't stated anything like that. But they may stick around for a few more of those 10 years with the Wii because it's still outselling the others and probably continue to do so, so there is no need for them to rush a new console to sell more.

    Next generation of consoles is a hazy concept these days- with monthly online updates as well as those built onto new release software, the consoles we have today are radically different from those we bought 2-odd years ago. Xbox have led the way in terms of online interactivity with XBL and its Marketplace, but are quickly being caught up. PS3 is only now starting to utilise its BD hardware advantage and its own PSN, and Wii Store is improving all the time. As people become educated about online gameplay and downloadability this will grow even more. Only time will tell if XBox pricedrops/MW2 bundles will convince Christmas shoppers NOT to buy a $499 BD console or that 'insanely addictive Nintendo thing that (they) played at some friends house that one time and now want (themselves)'.

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