Tretton: PS3 Shortage Is Possible

Jack Tretton, the Sony Computer Entertainment America boss told Reuters today that if PlayStation 3 sales continue at their present rate, retailers could see a shortage of the consoles later this year.

"If things continue at this pace, it is conceivable that there will be product shortages," Tretton said, after noting the console's sales are up 300% over last year since its price was cut by $US100. "We are up significantly versus last year," he said.

Reuters added that Sony's back on target to hit its goal of 13 million units sold this fiscal year.

Sony PS3 Sales Jump After Price Cut; Shortage Looms [Reuters via IGN]


    Did they not realise that most of us were just hangin out for the slim... seriously... where does sony get these moron managers from... the way they run that company, it surprises me it made it through the GFC...

    Ahahaha, it sounds like wishful thinking... they want things to go wrong in a way they can use to make them look good.

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