Trine? There Will Be More Trine

We like Trine! Do you like Trine? Odds are good that, yes, you also like Trine. So you'll be chuffed to hear that, in the future, there will be more Trine.

Frozenbyte CEO Lauri Hyvärinen has told G4 "There will be certainly more Trine, but in what form, platforms and such, that still remains a small secret of ours."

We're sure people won't mind which platforms, so long as any future Trine is a little more punctual when appearing on more than one.

There Will Be More Trine, But Where And When Remains A Secret [G4]


    Call me crazy but I didn't think Trine was overly special.

    I have to say at $29.99 Aussie dollars with no demo and however many months late i'm not buying this. i like the idea of Trine and i enjoyed the PC demo, but until i can see it playing on the PS3, and test the controller and so on i don't think i'm going to be shelling out for it.

      Well I shelled out the 30 aussie dollars for it.. and well it's not bad for what it is but in saying that I think the 30 dollar price tag is a bit steep, should have been more in the 15 to 20 dollar range.

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