Try Darkest Of Days On Your Xbox 360

For those of you who'd rather not blindly buy into a new intellectual property no matter how cool its premise is, time-travelling FPS Darkest of Days now has a demo up on Xbox Live.

Darkest of Days is a first-person shooter from developer 8monkey Labs and publisher Phantom EFX featuring a time-travelling protagonist who must set time streams right using an assortment of both period and futuristic weaponry. Take this demo, for instance. The same one released for the PC back in August, it runs the character through a tutorial mission and then drops them in the middle of the Civil War battle of Antietam with a primitive musket, before letting them cut loose later on with a fully automatic machine gun. It's a beautiful thing.

The demo is available to Gold Xbox Live subscribers right now, with Silver members having to wait until September 22 to give it a go. For those of you far from your beloved console, you can add the demo to your download queue here.


    Not in AU unfortunately...

    I finished this game on PC the other day, it was absolutely tons of fun. It's amazing how critical all the reviews have been, I'm pretty sure reviewers have forgotten what "fun" is. If you don't spend tens of millions of dollars on some new Call of Duty-esqe title they won't even consider the game worthy of their time, from the way they write...

    @Mr Waffle.

    Well said. I only heard of this game the other week then saw an article on here about someones time playing it. I went straight onto the 360 to look for a demo but couldn't find one. Randomly saw reviews of it on Metacritic and was like.. WHAT!

    A lot of negative. It seems, everything these days is based on the finest details of a game. Obviously controls, AI, graphics etc... play a big role in the outcome of a game and if it is fun. But judging on the story of the game and the situations, it just sounds like fun.

    Critics are too harsh these days. I mean, they obviously don't go by FUN when nearly everyone gave GTA IV a 10/10.

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