Twilight Princess Zant Statue Kicks Off "Master Arts" Line

First 4 Figures, always ready with a high quality Nintendo character in statue form, will be releasing a centre piece modelled after Zant from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess early next year.

The first in the one-quarter scale "Master Arts" line of licensed Twilight Princess centre pieces, Zant will set serious Zelda fans back $US349, but will clearly present a nerdy conversation starter at your next cocktail party. At an impressive 21 inches tall, it's unlikely that anyone will miss it. Especially if placed between a set of Legend of Zelda salt and pepper shakers.


    Zant is cool but I want Ganon!

    Holy shit that thing is huge. I've got the Link statue and that thing takes up a bit of space as well as having a bit of weight behind it, but bloody hell! Zant is hooooooooooooooge!

    Agreed though, Ganondorf/Ganon would be better.

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