UK Retailer Declares PSPGo 'Almost' Dead Before Arrival

While not joining a broader boycott among some European retailers, ShopTo's comments in advance of the PSPGo's launch do not exactly encourage sales. "As a format it is almost dead before it has arrived," the ShopTo boss told Eurogamer.

Again, the gripe isn't so much about the new handheld's cost—$US250 in the US—as it is the format switch from UMD to download only. It effectively robs these retailers of the margins they reap on game sales. ShopTo's pissed enough that it's grudgingly selling the device without any real push to its customers. "We do have it listed on the site, but we are not concentrating any big marketing behind it," ShopTo chief Igor Cipolletta told Eurogamer.

Sony has decided to cut publishers and retailers for the software of the PSPgo and deal direct with developers, giving them a 70 per cent margin for any items sold on Sony PSN. I believe if they had lowered that to 50 or 60 per cent, and given the opportunity to online retailers, it would have enjoyed greater success and retailers would attempt to promote the console to the market.

Everybody's favourite Analyst, Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan, thinks those who boycott selling the PSPGo, or publicly support such an action, are behaving self-destructively. "Refusing to carry them subjects them to the risk that Sony will bypass them for Gran Turismo or Uncharted, in which case they lose," he said. "Retailers have to face the fact that games will be increasingly offered over Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, and cope with the outcome."

ShopTo: PSPgo "Almost Dead" on Arrival [Eurogamer via Game Stooge]


    Developers will get 70% of the price!? I don't know how much they get currently, but I'm betting it isn't nearly that much. Fantastic news!

    I don't think sony would risk bypassing any retailers for GT or Uncharted, rofl. They're not doing THAT well.

    I think we all know this, but I agree. The PSPgo is dead and its not even released.

      @ annonie Agreed. I'll never purchase one with no drive & a smaller screen. Why the hell would I want that?

    It wouldn't be so bad if Live and PSN actually passed on the savings they make to the consumer. Even Steam still charges a fair whack of the retail price if not the entire retail price. Charging a shipped box price for a digital download is just taking the piss.

    I hardly play my PSP. I wish i did, i just don't find the time. I like online gaming and thats what i mainly do on my 360. Not only that, i don't search for PSP games like i do for upcoming 360 games and therefore don't know of many PSP titles.

    But, the one thing that bugs me of the PSPgo isn't the switch from UMD to Download or as some say a "smaller screen" (lame people) its the positioning of the buttons. It looks way too awkward to play. I haven't held one or a model PSPgo yet, but the PSP looks much easier to play than the PSPgo. That my opinion.

    I dont think all the choices Sony has made thus far are great choices. But they ain't that dumb - i mean they have some sort of plan otherwise it really wouldn't be getting a release. Time will tell.

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