UK Scribblenauts Has Ice Lollies And Nappies

UK Scribblenauts buyers won't have to fuss with our quaint colonial terms, with developer 5th Cell going out of their way to make sure that no one confuses football with football.

I've been wondering how well Scribblenauts would work over in the UK, as over there taking off your pants has far stronger connotations than it does on the U.S. side of the pond. Well now we know, thanks to a press release assuring UK customers that they can safely draw water from a tap, stroll down the pavement, and partake of an ice lolly without having to mess about with our butchery of the language.

"Fear not mistaken pants-over-trouser-wearers, as Scribblenauts developer, 5th Cell, has gone out of its way to localise the UK release of Scribblenauts to include words specifically for the UK market. Faucets, popsicles, sidewalks, diapers and, of course, the meaning mess that is football and soccer, will confuse British DS owners no more..."

Scribblenauts for the Nintendo DS will be out on October 9th...sorry, 9th October in the UK.


    In Australia we're boned! Because we use a mix of both.

      Yeah, that's true..

    Are we getting the UK or US version in Aus? I'm Scottish so I'd rather the UK version.

    It doesnt matter. Game will be easy to play and use for both releases.

    I think we'll get the UK version, because with all Wii games, if you look at the disc, it's actually the UK version of the disc, with the UK classification still intact.

    I would think we will get the UK version.

    We aren't really a mix of both. I have never said faucet or candy or diapers. We stick mainly to UK terminology

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