Uncharted 2 Collector's Edition Includes A Knife

Introducing the Uncharted 2: Fortune Hunter Edition. It's the game's fancy-pants version, and includes a copy of Uncharted 2, art book, collector's case and a replica of the game's mysterious, ancient artefact. Sounds good. Only, there's a catch.

See, Naughty Dog & Sony want this to be a genuine limited edition deal. Not something anyone plonking down $US5 at GameStop can get their hands on. So they're going to be giving them away in competitions on the PlayStation.Blog, the game's multiplayer beta and in PlayStation Home.

Interestingly, we've been told that in addition to the stuff outlined above, the Fortune Hunter Edition will also include codes for special downloads... not sure what those would be, exactly, but they definitely suggest some kind of rare downloadable content. Multiplayer skins/weapons, perhaps?


    Good luck trying to sell/give-away a knife in Australia. It aint going to happen, especially for a video game.

    Our censors have a hard time with the DEPICTION of knives in games, let alone allowing them to be sold to gamers.

      lol, looks like australia aint getting the collectors edition.

    This has already shown up in the EBgames catalogue in Australia, so I'm pretty sure we'll be getting it.

    It's probably a cheap plastic piece of crap like the Arkham Asylam Batarang.

    hey, fuck it ... I like plastic daggers. I am pretty sure some girls do too

    Yes indeed. It was advertised as a METAL BATARANG. I got ripped off

    September 6, 2009 at 12:28 AM
    This has already shown up in the EBgames catalogue in Australia, so I’m pretty sure we’ll be getting it

    ....I can't find it at all on their website.

      EB aren't releasing the fortune hunters edition.
      they're releasing their own special edition with different packaging and codes to unlock perks in the multiplayer.
      i read on the US PlayStation blog that they're only giving away like 3-5 copies of the fortune hunters edition...

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