Users Report PS3 3.0 Firmware Issues With Uncharted, DualShocks

The newest PlayStation 3 firmware, version 3.00, brought with it a handful of nice changes, including dynamic themes, a sparklier XMB and an unfettered view of the clock. But some PS3 owners are reporting fresh problems.

One alleged issue making the rounds is game related, with some users complaining of "freezing" copies of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, with the game reportedly locking up mid-play and requiring a restart of the system. Those reports don't appear to be widespread, but are popping up at the official forums.

Another issue, again not widespread but making the rounds at Sony's official forums, is with the PlayStation 3's DualShock controller itself. Some customers are reporting that both first and third party gamepads have stopped working, by their estimate as of the most recent firmware update.

While noteworthy, it's not that uncommon for this sort of thing to pop up every time the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 get a system update. And for the record, some of us at Kotaku have DualShock 3s that appear to be working just fine, thank you.

We reached out to Sony to get comment on the matter this morning, but haven't heard back yet about the status of these two items.

just got this today....freezing problems? [GameFAQs - thanks, Carlos!] Serious crashing problems today? [ Forums] Firmware 3.00 controller not working !! [ Forums - thanks, Joe!]


    It seems to have fixed the freezing and crashing issue for Matt Hazard though *ducks for cover*

    Are SONY going to do anything about perhaps making the browser, trophies compare list and reading files off a USB HDD faster? These are three things i've noticed to be a LOT slower with the new firmware

    Also, why cant we skip video files by pressing the R1 button anymore?

    Uncharted has crashed on me on a few occasions before 3.0 anyway.

    Yeah, games crashed before fw 3.0 so I'm just going to go ahead and assume some games will crash after also.

    I did have an issue with my dualshock 3 last night but I'd blame that on the fusebox blowing out rather than the firmware update (mainly because once it was back up and running there weren't any problems)

    mine working fine.

    Uncharted has crashed on me on a few occasions before 3.0 anyway.

    many of my games have been crashing and my blu ray disks well twilight does not work at all and 17 again crashes

    my blu ray films crash and some dont even load up

    My copy of Uncharted (brand new) crashes whenever I play it. Even returning that copy for another new one didn't help. It's not my game, I HOPE it's not my Playstation. I am quite happy to blame 3.0 and hope that they fix it.

    After I installed firmware update v3, online gaming started to crash, this eventually led to a complete failure to boot. I have no doubt this is because of the firmware update. my advise to anyone who has not updated to v3 is, Don't!!!.
    wait untill the next release, hopefully they will fix the massive bugs that cost me my console.

    Good to know I'm not the only one with freezing problems with uncharted Drakes fortune.Has anyone overcome this problem?

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