V8 Supercars Driver Enjoys Drive In Country

v8-driver-plays-forzaV8 driver Mark Winterbottom goes off-road at yesterday's Forza 3 media event.


    So does Forza 3 no longer support the crazy old system that they put together for Forza 2 where you could network 3 360s and 3 monitors and allowed them to set up tri-monitor demo stations with 270 degree view angle and stuff? I'm not seeing it here and that was something they always liked to trot out for PR exercises for Forza 2...

    Yeah, it still supports up to 4 screens just like FM2 did.

    Excellent, but I thought FM2 supported five screens?

    I've always thought it was WAY easier to drive a real car than it was to drive a car on a racing game. This photo makes me think I'm right. XD

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