Valve Plans More Left 4 Dead Content Post 'Crash Course'

According to the leaders of the Left 4 Dead 2 boycott—who recently enjoyed a trip to Valve—there's more downloadable content already in the works for the original Left 4 Dead, stuff beyond the already announced "Crash Course" episode.

According to on and off Left 4 Dead Walking_Target, Valve is planning something for release for the original, but wouldn't specify exactly what that was. It could be "a new Special Infected, a new Campaign or new Weapon(s)." Vague enough for you? "It's definitely one of the three, perhaps more," he writes, if that helps.

DLC and L4D Info [Steam via Shacknews]


    Cools, I'd like it if valve got like the 2/3 best community campaigns, maybe drew a poster for them and released them as a 'community update' or something, just so everyone has them, the more content the better.

    Adding some of the community maps as officially supported maps, like in TF2, would be a great idea. I've also seen people relreasing the current L4D maps but with balance changes done to them. I'd like the devs to look at those, and maybe incorporate those ideas.

    Right now, L4D2>L4D1 because Splitter/Charger helps stop the survivors camping in closets and whatever. I'd love to see one of those SI be added into the current L4D, to make life slightly harder for the survivors.

    What I never understood about the haters and boycotters is that they are basing their whole arguments on a hypothetical that Valve will shaft the first game.

    And now we have, they were wrong.

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