Valve Wants To Sell Mods On 360, Pay Creators

Valve are known for giving away DLC on PC. Microsoft are known for charging money for avatar t-shirts. Doesn't seem like there's a good way to bring the two together, but Valve may have an idea.

"One of the things I'm thinking about is how we work within that [Xbox Live]system," Valve's Yasser Mailaka told OXM, "and one of the things I'd like to do is to allow these modules that are being released on PC to somehow integrate with Microsoft's system."

"We'll have to filter them, we can't allow any copyrighted materials, so it's going to have to go through a process", he continued. "But we're hoping perhaps we can shepherd the really popular campaigns onto 360. And you know, if they are a paid system, perhaps that could go back to the authors. I think that would be a great story".

It would be a great story! One that, knowing the 360's marketplace and Valve's propensity for daydreaming will probably never happen, but hey, you can never say never.

Valve wants to sell PC mods on Xbox Live [OXM]


    I would love this, I don't see why Microsoft shouldn't allow it. Especially if they could claim it over sony.

    Yeah this would definetly make it L4D much more intresting with even more play back value
    --hopefully m$ doesnt want to make a profit from it

    The only way possible is if MS made a cut from it. Wouldn't bother me if they did - cause half of the mods are worth paying for anyway.

    But i'm pretty sure i read something about Valve making some of the mods for games for sale and the money goes to the makers. So that would be the same thing really but on Xbox.

    Be awesome. MS - AGREE!

    Although this would be great, I don't see how anyone could claim Valve and Microsoft are different. Valve is the Microsoft of game developers (yes I know mgs develops but my point is about business practices). Gabe is even ex ms.

    Valve buys anything that is any good and monetises it. They take massive cuts from every mod developer already. This isn't new. I'm not saying its bad, both parties do well and it is good business, but don't paint a dictator vs revolutionary picture cause its plain false.

      Oh you haven't heard of Square Enix or Bethesda?

    Yep, .01% chance that M$ would let this go through without attempting to find a way to get their own profits off of it.

      bah if you want your mods invest in a PC this is pure steal from the PC community and while the XBOX 360 is a good way of keeping 10 yr old babies out of my CoD servers

      theres really no reason for this

    id happily pay for the shaun of the dead and dawn of the dead levels in left 4 dead that modders have made for pc.

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