Video Of Resident Evil 5 Using PS3 Motion Controls

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan's TGS presser revealed that the "Resident Evil 5: Director's Cut" will employ the Sony motion controller now under development. Here is video of that announcement and the controller being used with the game.

The gameplay begins at 2:50 (unless you speak Japanese, skip to that part, it's all presentation dialogue up to that) and lasts to the six-minute mark. It looks smooth enough, but the demonstrator also is holding a regular PS3 controller. Can't tell if that's because this is a prototype, or if that's how this game will be operated when it releases in the spring of 2010.

[TGS 09]PS3 ??????????? ???????5 [EyeToy] [YouTube via VG247]


    Whats the point if you still gotta play with the PS3 Controller. My guess is prototype, well i'm hoping so.

    Unless you need the PS3 Controller to move using the analog. Thats just going to suck!

    Yeah jay, if u have to walk with the controller, man that's going to be sooooo boring, but i think Sony is smarter than that

    I have a feeling this kinda thing has been done before... Don't know where though... ;P

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