Voice Actress Tips Off 'Resident Evil 5: Director's Cut'?

Curious tidbit from this nine minute interview with Patricia Ja Lee, the voice of Jill Valentine in Resident Evil 5. Seven minutes in, she talks about doing work "for the director's cut that's coming out for Resident Evil 5".

"I guess the news is already out," Jill says. It is? First I've heard of it. I've emailed Capcom to see if they have anything to say about it. Might she have bigfooted an upcoming reveal at TGS?

VG247, which first spotted this, speculates she might be talking about a DLC episode. That sounds plausible.

Voice actress Patricia Ja Lee outs Resident Evil 5 "Director's Cut" [VG247]


    Crossing my fingers now for a "Separate Ways" side mission for Jill, like the one for Ada in RE4. I live in hope!

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