Voice Of Mario Coming To Australia

Voice Of Mario Coming To Australia

martinet-marioCharles Martinet, the voice of Mario, is visiting Australia next week for a three-stop in-store appearance tour. Here’s how you can meet him.

Actually, he’s not just the voice of Mario. He also provides the voice of Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. He’s one talented voice actor.

Nintendo is bringing Charles out to Australia and you’ll be able to meet him at the following locations:

Wednesday, September 9 @ EB Games, Swanston St, Melbourne Thursday, September 10 @ Myer, George St, Sydney Saturday, September 12 @ Harvey Norman, Parramatta Rd, Auburn

Sorry to readers in non-NSW/VIC states.

Nintendo will also be handing out Mario gift bags to the first 50 people in line at each store, while other prizes are on offer for Nintendo-themed cosplayers. Plus, there’s a comp over on the Nintendo Australia website for the chance to win an “exclusive meet and greet” prior to Charles’ in-store appearances.




  • You mean to say, when have GenCon from the 18-20, the biggest game exhibition in Australia, held in brisbane, and he’s not gonna be there.


  • you don’t have to be talented to voice characters that don’t even speak. ‘itsa me mario’ is like the only thing mario ever says.

    • True, but he invented the whole high pitched italian accent. Mario was only voiced like that because he thought it was appropriate.

      • Wow – inventing the high pitched Italian accent for a video game. I hope he’s receiving some sort of prime ministerial award or entering into a hall of fame here. I mean really, who says we don’t get the big names here down under.

        And to the person who said they are going to see him and cosplay to win a prize – THAT is why the video game industry is seen as just for kids and we won’t get an R18+ category.

  • Ahh all the voices of those characters sound the same. Just a little deeper and a little higher.

    But, i give him props for making the voice of one of the most iconic video game characters.

  • haha sweet, I work in that MYER…don’t think I’m in on thursday though, haven’t heard anything about him coming though.

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