Warriors Swag Report: This Is A Medium?!

I knew The Warriors: Street Brawl was coming out soon, but I didn't realise how soon 'til a package with a t-shirt in it showed up on my doorstep.

Now, I get a lot of swag t-shirts from events or mailed to me by publishers. I don't want to complain about free stuff, because 1) it goes to Brian Crecente's annual charity Funde Razor event and 2) these shirts obviously aren't made for women, what with the XXL label most of them carry.

However I was shocked, simply shocked to see that this XXL shirt...is actually a medium. Made by Marc Ecko. What a rub! Finally a swag shirt made buy a clothing designer who knows what he's doing, which in theory should fit me, and it turns out to be cut in a style where medium = XXL.

Face it, ladies. We just can't win with swag shirts. Although, I should tell you when I learned from that Clone Wars junket: the voice of Ahsoka, Ashley Eckstein, is working on an upcoming fashion line "for the female sci-fi fan".

Here's hoping a medium is a medium when that happens.


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