Was The Young Pirate Girl Cut From Xbox 360 Tales Of Vesperia?

To recap: A young pirate girl was referenced in the original Xbox 360 version:

"Inside the drawer, there's a pirate outfit for girls. A name is written, but it's hard to make out because of heavy wear. 'Pa.....'?" Pa? Hrm, "Patty" starts with "Pa." Patty is also a girl - a girl who wears pirate outfits.

The screen capture from the Xbox 360 version is below.

In the memory address of the Xbox 360 version, there appears to be traces of Patty Fruel. As we previously pointed out: in the coding, "YUR" could be understood as being main protagonist "Yuri Lowell", "EST" could be princess "Estelle", "KAR" could be "Karol Capel", "RIT" could be "Rita Mordio", "RAV" could be "Raven", "JUD" could be "Judith", "RAP" could be "Repede" (aka "Rapido" in the Japanese version), "FRE" could be "Flynn Scifo" ("Furen Shifo" in Japanese) and "PAT" could be short for "Patty Fleur".

When asked about the "pirate outfit for girls" scene in the Xbox 360 version, Namco Bandai replied, "Certainly there is that scene, but it does not refer to Patty." When asked whether Patty Fruel was cut from the Xbox 360 version and shifted over to the PS3 one, Namco Bandai replied, "There was nothing of the sort." And finally when asked if Patty Fruel would made available for the Xbox 360, Namco Bandai replied, "There is nothing announced at the moment."

Now that Tales of Vesperia on the PS3 is out, and gamers have noticed that the room shown in the Xbox 360 original version is in the PS3 version actually Patty's room. Does this mean that she was cut from the Xbox 360 game?

『テイルズオブヴェスペリア』海賊帽があった部屋はやはりパティの部屋だった - livedoor Blog(ブログ) [チラシの裏でゲーム鈍報]


    Looks like the xbox game was an exclusive abridged version.

      The proper term was beta testing!
      Yes us 360 JRPG'ers ARE NOW ALL BETA TESTERS!!! >.<

      That is all =D

    It was an exclusive for a year. It's not overly fantastic anyway, if they can get it to sell craploads more in japan by putting it on the ps3, then they should do so.

    What I hate is how disingenuous they are being about it. They say like "Sony paid us to put in extra content". Well that's bull, because we can clearly see this "extra content" being referenced before it's even supposed to exist! They say they released the 360 game at 100% and added 10% later, but it's pretty obvious it was 90% from the start...

    But then, we're talking about a company that region locks Japan-only games, so it's not like they care much about their customers in the first place.

      I think there was an article posted here a week ago or so, talking about how if you make it a timed exclusive for a year Microsoft gives some funding. But when you want to release it on the ps3 the year later, Sony demands it has a certain amount of new content. But yeah, it's pretty obvious it's planned this way all along.

      As for the comment about region locking, having region free games can really hurt local distributors and retailers.

    Targeted marketing.

    Tales of Symphonia did the same thing, more exclusive content on the second release of the game (on PS2). My guess is that it is to gain extra sales from people who are keen on a greater experience. I bought ToS on GC and PS2 a year later.

    Not sure I'll buy ToV on PS3 in this age of downloadable content.

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