Watch Aussie Celebs Try To Play Need For Speed: Shift

EA rounded up a bunch of Aussie sports and TV personalities to promote the recently released Need For Speed: Shift. The celebs had to race in the game and on a real race track.

Contestants included reigning Miss Australia Laura Dundovic, former Test cricketer Michael Kasprowicz, Olympic swimmer Libby Tricket and perennially injured NRL star Anthony Minichiello. Sydney Swan Leo Barry came out on top... oops, should I have spoiler alerted that?

Watch Leo thrash McLeod's Daughter Zoe Naylor below. And if you crave more of this car crash hilarious marketing promotion, check the link at the bottom.

Need For Speed: Shift Celebrity Challenge [EA]


    nice tits zoe!

      Thanks Barry, for your enlightened contribution.

        It might not of been post of the year, but I'm inclined to agree.

      Zoe Naylor is cute, she does have a nice set, but you can't see them that well here...

      I think you mean the hostess and no sound here means I don't know who that is...

    I did a complete double take this weekend when I turned on my TV to see if any motorsports were on One, and the first thing I saw there was Shift footage.
    I think the "show"/advertisement ran for nearly an hour, although the real racetrack stuff was far more interesting to watch (some games are more interesting to actually play than to observe and all that).

    the girl talking to zoe had a nice rack *_*

    the bending over shot was a nice experience xD


    Aussie celebs. That's the funnest thing I have heard all day

    "just let me do a 360" hmm subliminal much?

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