Watch The First Fifteen Minutes Of Dead Space: Extraction

It should go without saying, but... SPOILER WARNING!

Thanks to Dead Space: Extraction hitting the streets in Australia a whole week earlier than here in the US, we've got nothing better to do than watch an Australian gamer play through the first fifteen minutes.

I know it's an on rails shooter a "guided first person experience" and I usually hate being told what to do — but based on this footage, I'm pleased with how Extraction turned out. We'll see how the whole game goes when I buy it next week.

Video: Dead Space Extraction - The first 15 minutes [Vooks]


    Looks rather nifty, might have to hire it first to check it out though.

    Looks fantastic, I should run down and pick it up now.

    P.s. no whining about us getting something early americans, we sometimes have to wait over a month or more for games.

    I'm impressed - the visuals look excellent and the voice acting in particular seems way above average. This looks like it might be able to stand on its own merits.

    Was hoping JB would have it up this afternoon but they didnt.. Finish work early so off to EB tomorrow to check things out.

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