Wear Sexy Costumes, Drink Soda, Play Nintendo Wii

Ah, yes. Love hotels. Places of afternoon trysts or tawdry evening getaways. It's not enough to simply offer customers a place to get down. Love hotels need more.

This particular love hotel has costume rentals (hope they've got dry cleaning!), a fizzy "Welcome Drink" of your choice and Nintendo Wii rentals. There are also games players can check out as well. If gaming is not your thing, you can rent a DVD player — which sounds like a supreme hassle in this age of on-demand viewing.

Of course, the availability of these types of game consoles at love hotels are not new. The original Famicom (NES) was found in love hotels throughout the 1980s — heck, Nintendo tried its hand at running love hotels during the early 1960s before concentrating on children's toys and games.

Love Hotel Cosplay [Kirainet]


    If I am not wrong, the kind of hotel described above is a type of adult hotel for enjoyment. I would love to go there and experience it all. Thanks for the post.

    Thank you for sharing the information with us. I thought that it is kind of adult hotel that we could enjoy fun over there. I am expecting to go there.

    Nice post, thank you. It looks a great match with so many things. I will introduce this to my friends so that we could share the benefits.

    The sexy costumes wearing on the Japanese girls are sometimes more beautiful than those on westerners.Maybe they are more tiny and cute that makes men want to protect them.

    Is any of this places in Australia? Does anyone knows?

    Japanese culture sure is sweet with those crazy costumes! One can't help but think they look very kawaii in the outfits! I'm sure they have ureshii times in their outfits.

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