Week Of Disney: When A Games Journalist Moonlights

GamesRadar is doing a Disney theme week to celebrate the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days and yours truly was lucky enough to participate.

So if you ever wonder what I do when I'm not blogging my little heart out for Kotaku, go check out this massive feature I put together on the history of Kingdom Hearts. And thank your lucky stars you didn't spend three whole weekends replaying all the games back-to-back. Fangirl or not, that's enough to drive anybody insane.

Oh and before you ask me about Kingdom Hearts 3, I have no idea whether or not Square Enix and Disney have anything planned despite my extensive research. I'm still waiting for some kind of announcement out of the Tokyo Game Show about Kingdom Hearts prequel, Birth By Sleep for the PSP.

Keys To The Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far [GamesRadar]


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