What Are You Playing This Weekend?

While I suspect many of you will be playing Batman, Batman and nothing but Batman this weekend, I'll be delving back a few years to catch up with something I missed the first time round.

I was a little late to the Wii party, picking it up only at the start of this year. Even though I bought a few games with it, Super Mario Galaxy among them, I've yet to really sit down and dedicate myself to it. I did play through Galaxy's opening few levels, but I'm keen to give it more time now.

And yes, I'll no doubt be playing more Batman and undoubtedly a bit more Fallout 3.



    Right now I'm playing "Statistics for Business and Economics". When I'm done with the exam today (-_-) I'll be moving onto World Ends with You on the DS. Picked it up yesterday. Seems fun but also seems rather short. I've played 3 ingame days so far and the game is meant to go for 7 in game days? The days are progressed via story so maybe the speed of the progress is deceptive....

      I know it's a bit of a spoiler, but it lasts a lot longer than that.

      It's a great JRPG, only one I've been able to finish since FF9.

      Yeah he's right.
      Stick with it, it's definitely worth anything you paid for it.
      Top game

      Yeah I'm up to day 5 and they're foreshadowing way too much stuff for this to end at day 7 XD

      That aside, I'm really blown away with this game. I bag squaresoft as much as possible because to me, for the last 4-6 years they just remake old games and create new games that are very similiar to older games with graphical updates and slight differences.

      This game though? It oozes originality out of every pore. There's an incredible depth to the fighting that you don't pick up on till later and the dual screen fights really keep your brain active (unlike random encounters in FF which you just switch your brain off too). I'm really enjoying this game so far. Good buy for $50 I think ^_^

    Heroes of Newerth beta!!! awsome dota clone everyone should get.

    Dissidia: Final Fantasy has been a big part of my weekend thus far. Also suspect there'll be a bit more WoW on top of that.

    Played the Star Wars: Clone Wars demo on the 360 earlier and enjoyed it, although I doubt it'll set the world on fire.

    Really wish i was playing Batman AA but i decided to wait for the PC version. I will be proberly be playing some Halo 3 before ODST comes out.

    nanananana batman, nanananana batman.. batman.. ...batman.

    Yup the big black bat is gracing my screen, and while I completed Super Mario Galaxy waaaayy back (all 242 stars), being new to the PS3 Metal Gear Solid 4 has also made a debut.

    Sacred 2 for me

    Seeings as how the Australian round of the WRC is back I think it's fitting to catch up on some time with DiRT and DiRT2 Demo

    I was in the pub the other night and a mate said "Hey, I got this Xbox thing from Optus because of a broadband deal, I'll never play it, do you want it?"

    Needless to say, I'll be spending the weekend on Halo 3 and the 1st Gears of War.

    I never really played the original Xbox either so this is really the start of my Xbox education.

      lol get ready to be owned on halo then.

        Oh god no. I'm going to be working my way through single player thanks very much. I know I wouldn't last past 5 seconds on-line!

    Just played painball skirmish in the real world but relates to games because God damn there were many game related shirts

    Well I'm a bit tired of Fallout 3, so for a change I'll be switching to the retro distopian world of Bioshock. I initially dismissed the game whereas unlike my brother, however he initially dismissed The Witcher, so now were even (although he has yet to give the Witcher another turn). Not being the biggest shooter fan I find the action a tad bland but the aesthetic are good and the story intriguing, I just hope it can continue to carry the game until to the end.

    Some varying states of interest in Garrys Mod, the epic timewatser it is, and a smattering of Team Fortress 2.

    A month in with my spanking new beasty PC and alas, I have so many old favorites, and a few new titles, that my gaming is unfocused.

    Also despite Fallout 3 being super epic and huge, I can't seem to get back into it after my 30 hour binge in the first week of owning it.

      Unless you hate this sort of thing, a good idea is to find something interesting on the fallout 3 wiki page (called the vault) and then do things in a targeted manner so as not to get distracted, that way you can find some really great stuff without having to spend so much time exploring if your short on time. After finishing the bulk of the game I found this useful for tying up loose ends. Also there are a small number of things it's good to know about before you rush in and potentially effect your game in a detrimental manner (such as not getting certain bobbleheads or the 8 ball)

    I'll mainly be playing Champions Online, with a bit of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva on the PSP thrown into the mix. If I get sick of sitting at the computer for CO I might cave in and buy Shadow Complex for the 360.

    Regarding Batman, it's coming out on Steam in two weeks for $60, so I might wait for that.

    Devil Survivor on the DS. I'd play batman but I think I want it for the PC, so I'm waiting for that to come out.

    Devil Suvivor is like the first JRPG I've tolerated enough to keep playing! It's quite an achievement and I highly recommend it to anyone who into this kinda stuff.

    Will be a weekend of TF2 (With the next week and the week after full of TF2 as well).

    Gotta get some practice up for GenCon in Bris in 2 weeks.

    Right now it's a box beer and House of the Dead:Overkill. Easily the funniest game ever.

    Batman, Dissidia, Sacred 2 and probably Pokemon Platinum.

    Glad to see you playing super mario galaxy, it's easily the best game of this generation. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did =)

    I'll be reading my old Batman comics in preparation for Batman AA - when it comes out on PC :/

    Might play the demo again while i'm at it

    Batman! Collecting the last 2 riddles and then some CoD4

    Final Fantasy IV on DS. 12 hours in and loving it!

    Just spent 11 hours playing Street Fighter 4, and I still suck at it :(

      Lol I've spent about 100 hours on it and am still average. Don't beat yourself up.
      I'm working today but over my version of the weekend I played Dissidia.
      A lot of Dissidia. And if if wasn't for the fact that I want to catch up on Kotaku articles during my down time at work, I'd have brought my PSP.

    Didn't Mario Galaxy give you a headache or something?

    I'm jumping back into SFIV. Those Chun Li thighs need a good workout.

      Chun Li eh?
      She's fun to play as.
      Ryu's the most fun though I reckon, those weak shoryukens into EX fireball just feel so satisfying

    Mirror's Edge. Just got the Slim and have that, Bioshock and Assassin's Creed to go through. For some reason though I've so far played Singstar: ABBA the most -_-

      rofl 2008 called they want their games back

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