What Are You Playing This Weekend?

pirate catIt's International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so there's a host of pirate-themed games you could be playing this weekend.

Games like the Monkey Island series, maybe the new Tales episodes. Or Sid Meier's Pirates! Or the '80s original of Sid Meier's Pirates!

Perhaps the Pirates of the Caribbean games. Or Puzzle Pirates. Pirates of the Burning Sea. Legend of Black Kat.

Does Privateer count? Or those PC strategy games like Port Royale or Tropico 2.

There are just so many to choose from. I think I'll go play Borderlands instead. Oh, and Eliot, let's give the co-op a go this time.

What are you playing this weekend?



    Stuff pirates! This weekend it shall be Batman, Batman and more Batman.

    Warcraft 3 custom maps with friends and some Dungeons and Dragon Online since it free now.

    I iz play Dissidia or sum XLA gaem. Castle Crasher ne1z?

    To celebrate Talk like a Pirate Day, you can download the first of the Tales of Monkey Island for free from the publishers until midnight on the 19th (US Pacific Standard time). Downloading mine now, check out


    The price is certainly right...

    Just got home with Dirt 2, that will be my entire weekend........ Just wish it was out for PC, instead I have to play on my shitty ps3. :(

    Jet Force Gemini. I just got the old 64 out and I cant believe how much that console has aged!

    Curse your early Borderlands access!! You and Eliot both!! Grrr...

      Indeed, I want borderlands hella bad :(

    Fallout 3 (just downloaded Zeta for the free theme), GTA IV (want to finish TLAD before Gay Tony comes out), and some Halo 3, as usual.

    More Wipeout HD Fury and SMT: Digital Devil Saga. Also I just popped Dead Space back into my PS3 the other day (only ever got to chapter 3 before I got distracted with other stuff), and was really enjoying that, so I'll probably try to get further in that. Sure wish I didn't have to work tonight though... :(

    I got an early release copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy, so most of my time will be dedicated to that.

    I just spent the first few hours playing the MAG beta and i gotta say...
    I LOVE IT!!!
    The only thing that sux about it is the time restraints. I cant wait till tuesday to play it again :)
    other than that i am really bored with my games and cant wait for some decent games to come out!!! MW2 come on hurry up dammit!!!! de-bore me FFS!

    I *want* to be playing Scribblenauts but the airmail didn't arrive in time. I'm playing geoDefense Swarm (iPhone - one of the few games worth any time on that platform) and Crono Trigger (DS). I'll probably sneak in a bit of Force Unleashed (PS3), but frankly it's a bit crap (a friend loaned it to me along with Uncharted, which was awesome, so he's forgiven). I also have a ton of games to peer review for http://www.pyweek.org/9/

    I am lucky enough to have a wonderful girl who brough me home a copy of rockband from London. I think it will be getting a spin this weekend.

    Was going to be playing Batman, but the Steam version has securom so not going to buy it. Instead I'll be playing GH5 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, and still continuing my vocaloid adventures with Hatsune Miku: Project Diva.

    i just scored a copy off halo 3 odst im a bit scared to play it though. do u think ms will ban me if i play it?

    Im getting a fair bit of joy out of Dirt 2 Multi on Xbox Live.

    Halo ODST is great but was a bit suprised when i put in the mp disk connects to the halo 3 servers with only 3 new maps and nothing else. for just 8 levels and all the maps i have already paid for this is the biggest scam M$ has done. Thanks bungie for ripping me off with the same old boring gameplay i have played for for years.

    WOW new visor and it hurts more when i get shot.

    Just think how much have u paid for in DLC content and now u have to pay at least $79 aussie dollars for 8 missons and the same maps on you already have from paying some decent dollars for M$ points

    Sorry for ,y rant i bid u farewell

    Been playing Arkam Asylum on PC today, did a good solid six hours non stop, had to force myself to take a break and finish it tomorrow.

    Never finished Mass Effect, so playing that in readiness for ME2. Also, plenty of CoD4 as usual.

    Just got in to Combat Arms - free to play FPS. Love it.

    Nazi Zombies.

    We had a ball with it last night. Beers and headshots. Good times.

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