What Are You Playing This Weekend?

You'll never guess what I'm playing this weekend.

That's a lie. You will.

But enough about me, what are you playing this weekend?


    Tekken 6 at the arcade.

    are you playing halo odst?

    Some type of crash bandicoot sequel I assume, David?

    Me? I'll be helping my daughter through 'The Curse of Monkey Island', and winding down from that stressful endeavor with a little nazi-zombi bashing in World at War. Look me up on PS3, late-ish if you fancy the same (spearro)

    Man, that's harsh! So jealous. Can you post your thoughts on Uncharted 2 over the weekend? Maybe a 'first hour of' post.

    I'll be checking out the new challenge maps in Batman: Arkham Asylum, playing MAG if the servers are open and a attempting to finish Trine.

    I'm giving Batman a good hit out on the PS3, probably about 3/4 of the way through the story at the moment. Everyone is correct though, awesome game... it has a little bit of everything.

    Have fun playing Far Cry 2 Dave :P

    Forza 3 demo is going to get a solid going over.

    So far it seems a little easy but it is a demo after all (I'm assuming this is to get people interested).
    Visuals and replay cameras are the big improvement for now.

    As a 360 0wner I am envious of PS3 owners getting to play Drakes 2 the first one was total win.

    Swap you guys Gears for Drakes anyday of the week!

    Batman DLC :D


      & I'll be playing Batman... but still... the jealousy...

    I am very jealous! How about you finish it and then send it my way ^_^

    I'll be playing Guitar Hero 5, Beatles Rock Band and Firefight.

    Awww booo you suck! ;)

    Dissidia: FF, Valkyria Chronicles, then GTAIV... got afew unfinished games that need seeing to :)

    Compared to what you are playing I am feeling somewhat inadequate.

    Anyway, my PS3 is in Sony Heaven awaiting replacement hopefully by the time what your playing comes out here so...

    HALO ODST: Trying to get the most out of firefight whilst its fresh, add me, ManeKast for some action this weekend. The lack of matchmaking for this is a shame. Also might finish campaign.

    Also addicted to NFS: Shift so will give that a whirl when my control pad hands become to shooter sore......

    BTW Jealous as hell.......

    I hate you David!

    Probably lots of school holiday celebratory TF2
    Might also buy Defcon finally

    Alternating between Okami on PS2, watching AFL grand final, and studying for exams. Ugh. Uncharted 2 will be a post exam prize for me I'm afraid.

    Forza 3 Demo - cos it's awesome and probably Madden, Batman AA and some more Rock Band Beatles...

    Crazy Cross

    The most awesomest RPG ever. It came on a "25 free games" CD Hyper did about 10 years ago, but it ages well.

    Bought FEAR2+DLC for 50% off on Steam, so will be playing that. Also gonna play some more Forza 3 demo (it's FANTASTIC, I couldn't be happier with it), GH5, and maybe some Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 if I can squeeze it in.

    Probably some Batman, Fallout 3 or Beatles Rock Band.

    Uncharted2 beta....cause it's weekend,no MAG beta...`

    First chance to have a decent crack at Aion this weekend. Playing an Elyos soon-to-be Chanter on Nezekan.

    Fable 3

    No games this weekend.

    I'm playing the Uncharted 2 beta, does that count :(

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