What Do You Think Of PS3 Firmware 3.0?

The royal we have updated our PS3. There are little things we've noticed, little things we like, little things we don't. What about you?

Things that stuck out: More sparkly, less smokey. New PS3 logo. No more Spider-Man PLAYSTATION logo when you start up a game. We kind of miss that! It had an awesome jingle chime. We love that jingle chime. It relaxes us.

The interface seems, I dunno, a little more cluttered? There's more emphasis on the PSN store — which is now the default for games, instead of, you know, the game you put in the machine. Putting the PSN Store as the default makes sense only to the PSN Store, not to players. (Can this be turned off or changed?) And then there's that friend's list and background blur. Hello headache town!

One thing we dig: New loading icon with a little clock hand in there. Much better than that pulsating blob in the upper corner! That always used to freak us out.

I'm sure we'll all get used to this, slowly, bit by bit, you and me, together.


    I'm not impressed.

      all of my games still work and it still plays blu-ray discs. what else do you want?

    "Can this be turned off or changed?"


      How do you change it?

        system settings > display[whats new] > off.

    I liked the XMB when it was minimal, thats what made it great.

    But I suppose If microsoft can release shitty dashboard designs that are cluster f***s that are popular as ever, why not just let go and follow suit.

    The font size is to big. I liked being able to see more of my files at once, made browsing my media server easier. Now with the new super huge font you only get like 4-5 movies on the screen at any one time before you have to start scrolling down. Hope the introduce a font size adjustment.

    very disappointed.

    sony need to pull their finger out their ass and listen to what the consumer wants

    nobody wanted 3 PS Store icons in 3 different locations (Videos and game sections not needed) for example nor the XXXXXL font/icons

    its like running on 480p instead of 1080p

    and wheres my bloody avatars????

    I like the free afrika dynamic theme from the japanese store. Now i've got zebra walking around in the background while i navigate the XMB.

    Looks awesome.

    I don't mind it. Although the ps-store logos everywhere can be a bit annoying sometimes (thats my only complaint).
    My ps3 still works, can do the same stuff as always, watch movies play games etc.

    Overall the PS3 Firmware 3.0 sucks majorly

    lame, all they did was add sparkles, more PSN ads and annoying boxes around the friends list :(

    The larger fonts were a bit of a surprise. Not sure if I like them or not yet.

    I don't like the way other items fade out when you stop scrolling on the XMB. When searching through videos, I want to see their titles.

    The way it blurs the background seems like a nice idea to put the focus on the foreground, but the implementation could do with some work. The default XMB background has nice gradients, but when the blur is applied, I see obvious banding which looks ugly. The problem wasn't so obvious with wallpaper backgrounds.

    There is no PS Store icon under the videos menu on my system (perhaps a regional difference?), but the one under the games menu doesn't seem that much more convenient yet (maybe this will change?).

    I turned off the option to highlight the "What's New" app on startup as it didn't seem that useful either.

    the only real good feature in this update is audio over hdmi and optical.

    I hate the larger font but I can see myself getting used to it.

    But I sorely miss the spiderman font when I start a game. It went with my launch 60 gig so well!

    They should make it so it depends on what model.

    Slim= PS3 (curved)
    Fat= PLAYSTATION3 (spiderman)

    Is it a mandatory update? Or is it updated when you search for a new update? If so, i'll stick with Spidey!!

    I think the problem from what i've heard and seen in pics, is that the XMB doesn't suit being "friendly".
    It's so easy to use, its just left or right up or down, X to select.

    But thats what it is, easy. Nice looking, cause its just simple. But its all glossy & stuff. But just simple & easy to use. Xbox on the other hand, they devoted the NXE to XBLA & the marketplace. Making it look really friendly & colourful. Advertise some games, give them exposure, annoy some at the same time ya know.

    XMB to me don't suit that sorta thing. Only if they gave it a major upgrade and changed it a little. Just my opinion.

      It is mandatory, or else you can't go online.

    Hate the big grey boxes on the friend list they look disgusting.

    Hate the bigger font. I reckon just the 1 psstore logo is appropriate. Hate that they pulled off the game booting screen. =[

    I like the blurring though. And I want dynamic themes and avatars!

    Overall, I think it's OK, sparkles a bit tacky, but I'm absolutely devastated they removed the chime.

    I loved that chime. It felt like a reward every time I played a game. And it just goes black for a moment now, where it used to meld so seamlessly. It feels like I've lost a friend, or a pet, or something.

    Dear Sony, please give us old "PLAYSTATION 3" owners a customised OS with old spider-man style writing, and give us back the amazing chime!!!

    I think the new 'update' sucks. Give me back 2.80.

    I cannot believe I just read through all that, it's almost depressed me. Take a look at the thread you crybabies have created, take a step back and think about exactly what you're talking about.

    It's a fucking interface, oh noes the big fonts!! The icons ! The boxes !

    Do you use your PS3 for games? Or just sit and stare at the menu screen? I for one don't give a rats ass what the menu / interface looks like, as long as my PS3 allows me to play games and keeps giving me trophies.

    Don't like the having the PS Store in my Games and Videos. One location is enough!

    Don't like the sparkles - just tacky.

    Don't like the little clock thingy, to reminiscent of a Mac pointer.

    Don't like the grey boxes on my Friends. Its just ugly.

    Other than that its fine.. :S

    I do prefer the smokiness of the previous interface. The new sparkles are sparkly, but not in a good way.

    I don't like it for the most part. The XMB has lost its simplistic and classy design that made it so great. And the friends list is so ugly with those big grey boxes.

    Change it back please.

    Has anyone else noticed that you can't multi task anymore. Like use the internet browser while playing music. They took away the mini player, I loved that thing(bad move Sony). I also agree about the chime and spiderman ps letters when you start a game. They're small things but we miss them, please bring them back

    Yeah I'm not sure if you could do this before, but now I can't even play music and look at other friends' Trophies anymore. It stops the music! Is looking at a list of Trophies really that memory/network intensive that I can't do both at the same time? I'm sure it is MORE than capable.

    I don't mind all the visual changes, and you can remove the 'What's New' crap if you want so that isn't really a tissue.

    One feature I do enjoy is using the right analog stick to slow down/speed up movies. Listening to people talk at 2x speed is hilarious. I can't get enough.

    Dont really have a feeling one way or the other re the features in the new firmware other than that downloading the whole thing again and taking all that update time just for sparkles feels like a let down (i use none of the other changes).

    Sure does make me angry that they think this is the type of feature I want in a new update tho. Sony, I dont suppose you'd like to fix the real problems before focusing on cosmetics?

    Please fix at least:
    - Hundreds of media incompatibilities. I still have mp3s that wont play :O Lots of video formats wont play. "Unsupported format" should be the exception not the norm.
    - I should be able to queue songs to the playlist from a media server
    - I shouldn't see "Music" or "Photos" as a folder on media centers when i've gone into the "Video" item from the root XMB (and vice versa for the Music/Photos root XMB menus)
    - Random "DLNA error occured" on all media servers. If every server does this then it means your console is broken not the servers Sony.
    - Patches shouldn't require me to download the whole firmware again - Xbox only downloads changes

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