What Game Console Do Japanese Schoolgirls Want?

Totally unscientific data time. A Japanese marketing company has polled mostly Japanese schoolgirls about their console tastes. Here's the breakdown:

Out of the 3339 polled, only 161 of them were male students and the rest were female. Fifty-two of them were under the age of 11 years old; 2387 of them were between the ages of 12 and 19; 682 of them were between the ages of 20 and 25: 218 of them were above the age of 26. The largest group represented in this poll is Japanese schoolgirls.

When asked what game machine those polled had, the breakdown looks this: 2748 individuals have a Nintendo DS; 2587 have the PS2; 1661 have the PSP; 1300 have the Wii; 458 have the PS3.

Sure, those PS3 numbers are low, but check this out: When asked which console they wanted, the majority replied that they wanted the PS3 (1605 said they wanted the PS3). Following close behind were the PSP at 1355 votes and the Wii at 1115 votes.

A window into the minds of Japan's youth. Fascinating. Oh, and how's my book on Japanese schoolgirls going? GREAT. Thanks for asking.

女子中高生は「PS3」に興味シンシン!中高生へのアンケート結果は? | インサイド [Inside Games][Pic]


    So, do they just not sell the 360 in Japan?

      No, the Japanese just have better taste and an eye for quality than most other consumers.

        Keep your fan-boyism to yourself, noone wants to hear that 'PS3 owns 360' or '360 owns PS3' crap.

        but it is true. dont get me wrong, i have each console of the current gen and i dont mind the 360. but the japanese know their tech and they know what is good. have you ever met a "stupid" asian? no me either.

    I've just decided that when I die I want to be reincarnated as an apple on a stick.

      you fool! you reincarnate as the caramel! all sticky and tasty like.

    I wonder what reason they had for wanting a PS3, was it the price? Cuz if it was, that's not going to be as huge of a problem anymore.

      Wait, what I said didn't make sense. I meant why didn't they have a PS3 in the first place?

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