What Is Microsoft Bringing To Tokyo Game Show?

Give or take, we're about a week away from Tokyo Game Show. We'll be there. Know who else will be there? People. Besides them. That's right, Microsoft.

The company has released a list of titles it will be showcasing at its booth at this year's TGS.

Some of the games will be playable demos, while others will be trailers. Others will be both! Here's the rundown:

Forza Motorsport 3 (Demo, Trailer) Alan Wake (Trailer) Fable III (Trailer) Halo 3: ODST (Demo, Trailer) Halo Legends (Trailer) Halo: Reach (Trailer) Crackdown 2 (Trailer) Borderlands (Trailer) Samurai Shodown Sen (Demo, Trailer) FIFA 10 (Demo, Trailer) Lost Planet 2 (Demo, Trailer) MUSHIHIME SAMA Futari Ver1.5 (Demo, Trailer) Shin Sangoku MULTI RAID Special (Demo, Trailer) Castlevania ~Lords of Shadow~ (Trailer) NINETY-NINE NIGHTS II (Demo, Trailer) Pro Evo 2010 (Demo, Trailer) FRONT MISSION EVOLVED (Demo, Trailer) Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (Trailer) NeiR Gestalt (Demo, Trailer) BAYONETTA (Demo, Trailer) Resonance of Fate (Demo, Trailer) Assassin's Creed II (Demo, Trailer) Splinter Cell Conviction (Trailer) Infernal (Demo, Trailer) Dragon Ball Rising Burst (Demo, Trailer) Tekken 6 (Demo, Trailer) STEINS;GATE (Demo, Trailer)


    what no shenmue 3? hahaha

    Okay i know half are trailers but WOW! Well basically all are trailers.

    But lets hope Fable III is a trailer and not a teaser like before. Alan Wake, devo it's only a trailer. We need more demos of that game!!! MS better do that game good with its promotion.

    Halo: Reach - once again lets hope it isnt a TEASER and a proper TRAILER!

    SC: Conviction should be a demo. Its not far from release, so why only a trailer. Looking forward to Crackdown 2 - the teaser drew a lot of speculation about the direction it was taking.

    Borderlands, well they could just hang up posters of the game art and i'll love em for it. Don't care much for Halo: Legends. Same with Modern Warfare 2 - only cause i don't need more trailers, the game is going to be great and GOING to sell.

    Seems like, judging by titles of some of the games. They have a heavy line up of Japanese developed games coming up. Perhaps another successful year for MS in 2010. Some may question their success - but majority of folks understand what i mean. COULD the 360 sell 500,000 in Japan in 2010???? If they had Final Fantasy they probably could.

    Is this Pro Evo's first demo?

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