What Series Will Sony Re-Release On Blu-Ray Next?

What Series Will Sony Re-Release On Blu-Ray Next?

On the one hand, Sony’s decision to re-release God of War 1 & 2 on Blu-Ray seems selfish. A chance to force many people to re-purchase a game they already own. But on the other, it sets an interesting precedent.

After all, it’s not like the set is being released out of the blue. There’s a new God of War game coming, and what better way to drum up (or dredge up) interest than to get people playing, and talking about, the first two games again?

So it got us thinking: since this is as much a marketing move as it is a service to fans, what other upcoming PS3 games are there to market that have PS2 prequels you can repackage on Blu-Ray?

These (for GT5, FFXIII and The Last Guardian) are the obvious ones. But moving beyond the marketing side of things, are there any other series you’d like to see thrown together on a single disc, cleaned up to 720p and given a second chance on the shelf?


  • Since im a final fantasy fan, if nothing else, a re-release on blue ray would give me an excuse to replay through it all. But i suppose that is a waste of money if you already have the games, which i do.

    Hmm, you know what, i know so many people who would like more of these re-releases but who already own orignial copies of said games. Seems like a waste of money. Suppose it depends on ones preference.

    • Sony’s NOT forcing you to go out and buy it, It will just be there for the people who wish to play a Bundle of games on the one disk with some fresh graphics. Or for people who never had the chance to play it and never had a PS2.

      God, Sega and Nintendo have been doing this stuff for years, re-releasing games on other platforms, I can’t say how many times Sega’s done compilations. On the subject, I’d love to see a Tekken Compilation Blu-Ray.

    • In fairness to Sony, they’re not just shoveling the same game out to make a quick buck. They’re actually giving it a fresh coat of HD graphics and maxing out the frame rate, too.

      And, as others have pointed out, if you’ve already got the games and a PS2, it’s not like you can’t keep playing them. And seriously – is there anybody who’s had even a passing interest in gaming over the past decade or so who DOESN’T own a PS2?

      • Agreed, and also… Who buys a New console to play Old games? In all fairness, who HASN’T played a PS2 yet? Its been going strong for nearly 10 years already…

  • I can tell you that I wouldn’t like to see any previous GT re-released. I just don’t see the point, and I doubt they’d sell.

    Ico/Shadow of the Colossus, totally. FF, yep, makes sense. Previous Crash Bandicoot titles from Naughty Dog since Uncharted 2 is coming out. If the developers could get along, all of the Call of Duty titles to tie in to Modern Warfare 2.

  • Can you imagine the original 3 Ratchet and Clank games on 1 PS3 playable disk, relive all the old memories and play the new games as well, would be unbelievable.

  • NONE!! Sony can go F**K themselves far as I’m concerned.
    I don’t care if it’s 720p it’s a bullshit way to make more money.
    Bring back backwards compatibility.

  • I for one am looking forward to buying God of War 1 & 2 and will be first in the queue.

    I rather generously gave my brother my PS2 & 37 games when I moved to Australia from the UK over 3 years ago. Foolishly I presumed that the backwards compatibility would be retained and the rather insane release price would reduce – correct on one count, not the other 🙁
    I have never played God of War other than on the PSP (a pale imitation by all accounts but still a fine game) or Shadow of the Colossus or FFXIII and would welcome the marketing tie in at the cost of few extra $$$$$.

    My 40GB PS3 has not missed a beat in 2 years; neither did my PS2 or PS1. I buy 8-10 games a year, how many AAA titles can one person play with a wife child & large mortgage. I feel that Sony has the momentum at the moment, keeps me more than happy with my purchase and I applaud them for their efforts.

      • No I don’t.

        And do you know thats what pisses me off.

        Sometimes people should be grateful for what they have got and not just bitch all the time about what they don’t have or how much it costs or what Sony should or shouldn’t do.

        Or should we all go back to playing ball in the street or reading the bible by candlelight…..

  • I have GOW I and my brother has GOW II I never could find a new copy of GOW II in any stores ( I would buy used but I have a thing against it) So when I heard GOD I & II is coming out on PS3 I got all excited. Now I can have both games on one Blu-ray. And just to let everyone know I have the 60 gig B/C PS3 so it didnt matter one way or the other.

  • Yeah I never had a PS2, so seeing these games on PS3 is great for me.

    It’s not like it’s anything new, look at Nintendo and it’s WiiWare. and the PSN and XBox Live, they are all skinning their back catalogs six ways from Sunday.

  • I see this as a neat way to solve backwards compatability. I still have PS2, so all games i already have i can use on that. But games on PS2 I never got, like God of War 1 and 2, and Shadow of the colossus, i can experience…

  • I use to hire alotta ps2 games cause I was never old enough to purchase them at the time, and because they were rented rarely managed to finish a game. So yeah, would like to see more games re-released now that i pick up one game a month, maybe the devil may cry series.

  • A large Tomb Raider compilation would be nice, say 1-6

    A “PS2’s greatest hits” line with say 3-5 games for au$50 per disc could get some good cash from people who haven’t had a PS2 but have got a PS3. The price would be good value for a compilation where you want everything but also low enough to justify an impulse buy for that one game you always wanted but never bought

  • I would be willing to pay good money for a double pack of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus with an HD makeover and solid 60fps.

  • it just seems to me that its a way to bolster the lacklusture ps3 game library by re-releasing these games upscaled etc,

    I know games have been re-released before but this is for consoles that are usually no longer supported and games that may be out of production…

    I never said anyone is forcing people to buy them but this is only way you can play ps2 games is on the ps3…smells like the same thing ninty did with the DSi remove support because its not needed/people dont use it etc, then re-release the games on the new console at a cost…

    I will reserve judgement until I actually see the price of these games, have a strange feeling it will end up like xbox originals and end up costing more than the games do now…

    Seems to me if it was sooooooooo hard to apply some sort of software for BC, then why is it sooo easy to re-code these games for the PS3 and re-sell them again…if consumers had choice and had BC and re-releases then id be happy

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