What's Inside Sony's Mystery Box?

Sony's booth at TGS has a number of big glass display cases. One, however, is hidden. Its contents, a mystery. Whatever could it be?

Its contents will obviously be revealed following Sony's TGS presser. Our bet? Since it's in the PSP section, it'll be the "solution" for transferring your UMD games to the PSPgo.

That or another Gundam/Final Fantasy bundle.


    Hopefully its a big box of NEWS which was missing from their lame-ass press conference! Whatever happened to the rumour about PS2 and DC games for download! gutted Kaz.

    The PSP2 cause they finally realized they stuffed up with the PSPgo but anyone who already has a GO or pre-ordered can't get their money back.

    Gold Xbox360!

    Maybe its just another version of the go but with dual analogue sticks

    PSPGo with UMD Drive is my bet.

      That's called a normal PSP... isn't it? :P


    Duke Nukem Forever! It wasn't shut down, that was just a trick!

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